No one out there

I have no one to talk to and. I have reached out a few times. I’m glad that others get the needed support here but I give up

I’m so sorry you feel that way. What’s wrong? What’s going on? Everyone here is usually very supportive. I’m sorry if any of your posts were overlooked. Please don’t give up.

I am sorry please do not give up on the site.

Oh Jazzydiamond, please don't give up. Whatever is wrong you can message me if you'd like, I'm not the most knowledgeable here, but I'm always willing to give an ear.

Please don’t give up. I am here. Tell me what’s going on.

Jazzy, I just featured your earlier discussion so it will get noticed more.

My heart goes out to you, and I know you are really struggling. Been there, doing it myself.

I see 4 posts already to this one, and I agree, don't give up, there are so many caring people here who will do whatever they can to be there for you.

healing hugs,


I know the feeling of wanting to give up and feeling alone and no one truly understands. But please don’t give up. People here really do care. I care. Please let us know what’s going on. Take a chance to express yourself and I bet you’ll get a lot of supportive responses. Please hang in there and talk to us. We’re here for you.

i sent u a friends request,i have been where u r and its not easy,only my children r all grown up and have families of their own,so i live alone,some times the pain is so bad i think i cant go on anymore,and theres times when i feel like im all alone in this battle called lupus,people who dont have it dont understand what it does to u or how bad it makes u feel.and yes my feet and ankles swelled up so big i couldnt walk,i was coming off my predisone,and i needed to go slower,so dr put me back on and it helped,sometimes it takes 3 months or more to ween me off,hang in there,and just remember your not in this alone,but we may not be on here right when u need us because we are dealing with something were going through at that time,prayers to u,

We are here for you, don't give up.

gentle hugs your way

Don’t give up!

im so sorry that u feel this way but we are all here for u to talk to and try to help you threw. message me if you want to have a chat im sure we will get on realli well and i will always hve the shoulder ready for u to lean on if u need it xx hugs from scotland xxx

Hi Jazzy,

I am out here for you! I will even give you my personal email if you like, but please don't give up! Diseases like RA and Lupus and many others that control your life can be very overwhelming and its nearly impossible to do it alone. Please reply back I would be happy to talk to you anytime. I work in a lab, so if you have questions about labs I will do mybest to help you find the answers.


Thank you for re-posting. I do not know how your previous posts were not answered.
I agree, chronic illness can be lonely and isolating. But there are ways to turn it around. I go to counseling and have had SLE since 95. I oversee the care of my adult child with RA.
So I had to find some joy for me, personally. I found new hobbies, mentors, widened my support group and feel so much better!
Please pm me if you feel like talking.
There are many reasons to hang in there. ((Gentle Hugs))

so sorry Jazzy..............I am not on here every day.........but don't give up on this wonderful "family".......we are all in this together...............hang in there.....................BLESSINGS AND HUGS :)

JAZZY, it is so easy to feel lonely especially when coping with a disease such as the ones we have, but you are certainly not alone. I don’t remember seeing any recent posts from you but please let us know what is going in. Sending healing hugs ~Maré

Nic - A lot of us seem to be negative ANA, but other symptoms fit ... I have been diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases as well as possible Lupus (he just keeps testing that ANA lol), but everyone here seems to be experiencing a lot of what I experience so I feel right at home .. hopefully, you do to ... Hugs, Dee

Nic - The members I have "met" to date are from all over the world. Having an Australian just adds additional spice; no one has ever questioned why I am here; I have only found sincere support and caring hearts.

NicMic said:

Dee - Thank you so much for your note to me. Sometimes I feel like an imposter because of the negative ANA. Also, some members may wonder why I come here for support and not an Australian support group. The problem is that many support groups are using Facebook and I have good reasons for not wanting to support Social Media for this purpose.

I am about to start a trial of a 'new' product that will hopefully help my aggressive immune system. If it does what they claim it will, I will share it with everyone!

Jazzy - I sincerely hope you check your emails because here you are unconditionally loved by people who truly empathsis with your challenges. At times I have felt ignored and I became paranoid about the reasons why. One time a member was really quite mean to me and I cried all day. Please don't let any negative experience prevent you from getting the support you need and deserve.

Warm hugs


Tootles said:

Nic - A lot of us seem to be negative ANA, but other symptoms fit ... I have been diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases as well as possible Lupus (he just keeps testing that ANA lol), but everyone here seems to be experiencing a lot of what I experience so I feel right at home .. hopefully, you do to ... Hugs, Dee

Hi, I'm new to the support group but I know what it feels like to get discouraged! My feet and ankles swell and are painful at times and are very painful to walk on. When this happens I feel like giving up but my Christian faith keeps me going. If I didn't have this, I would be "at sea without a pilot". So many have posted encouragement for you and show they care. All are here for you! Hang in there!

Hi Misty! Welcome! Everyone is here for you, as well. God bless you, sweetie! Dee

I hope today finds things brighter for you and that the warm responses that you see here will have helped you feel better. I know that the pain and isolation that comes with this disease can be difficult to say the least and sometimes these online forums seem almost a last resort for a listening ear... Know that we are here for you and everyone else that needs support. Hugs to you!!