Life With Lupus

No more insurance just what I need right now


Well , I was recently diagnosed with COPD on top of lupus , fibromyalgia , asthma , depression , anxiety etc … I was receiving Medicaid but now they cut he off saying my “income” is too high … Income being my social security survivors benefits from losing my husband to cancer 6 years ago . I am 38 with 4 kids and feel like I’m 98 most days and now added meds for the copd which are expensive ! I’m freaking out . They referred me to this affordable care act marketplace . anyone here familiar with this ? Can someone help me with any info on prescription discount help websites or something . I’m sorry I’m ranting and I probably am not making sense as my brain is getting foggy as I type , I’m so stressed out I thought maybe someone here could help me. Again I’m sorry for venting :frowning:


affordable care marketplace is where your supposed to be able to find affordable health insurance, as for the rx, try you states, county and city websites sometimes they have some pretty good resources, also try your local chapter of united way, and some of the drug manufacturer's also offer prescription assistance for some of thier products as well. Its ok to vent, that's what were all here for, you are never alone. take care


The affordable care insurance also has a prescription drug benefit It is possible that you may get a significant subsidy and your premiums will be minimal


Thank you for your help ! I collected myself lol and went on and started the sign up process on the marketplace site and then when I confirmed my email and clicked the link to go back to the site their site said it’s not working or something what the heck ? I’ll try again in a little . I will also definitely look into the other prescription assistance programs listed above too . You all know how costly these meds can be especially when there’s so many we take daily . This Advair I heard is really expensive too which scares me especially when I’m almost out . No stress they say ,… Yea right lol


Hi Erin,
I understand your frustration! I was able to get great insurance with great prescription coverage through the Affordable Care Act website. If you’re having problems with the website. Keep trying - maybe use a different browser like Safari. Sometimes websites don’t like it when I use Google Chrome and when I switch to Safari it works fine.
Have you applied for disability? With the new COPD diagnosis you might have a better chance of being approved.
Good luck!


Hi Erin ,

I have kind of been in the same situation not with Medicaid but with another insurance that cut me off it was terrifying! I don't mean to be nosy but with all of you health care problems have you applied for disability? If not I think you should look into that asap! You should still apply for "Obama Care". If you are considered disabled that should help pave the way for getting medicare and medicad.. I will say a prayer for you and if you have anymore question let me know I used to be a social worker and maybe I can help. I need to know what state you live in to try to help.

God Bless,



their is a company called national prescription savings network their number is 1877 890 8077 or www.npsncard.com I used them when I didn't have any insurance.. sending out my prayers,lupus is already scarey having no medichine can make you feel even worse,


I have insurance thru healthcare website with consumers choice. I believe the window is closed for all marketplace ins until October but you can call. I only pay $25 month and have $250 ded and everything free after $250 for all meds, docs, hospitals etc. I have a subsidy due to income. Before that I used xubex.com and got plaquenil, tramadol, vit d and estrogen for three months of med $70 total shipped. You can go thru Pparx.org, list your meds and it will give u the choices for free and reduced fee meds you can use. Also the manufacturers give free meds depending on income. Example I get Celebrex free by contacting manufacturer and filling out a form. Medicaid and Medicare is great if u have worked past ten yrs and r disabled. Good luck!


I recieve government subsidy of 670.00 per month. I pay 51.00 a month some of my mess are 2.00 except for pain mess I pay 50.00 . Dr co pay 15.00 specialist 30.00 with 250.00 deductible I think. Also Iaall pied for PAAD pharmaceutical assistance for disabled. Obama care is wonderful


Sorry I was admitted in the hospital yesterday from having shortness of breath and chest pains with pressure in my chest :-/ they think it’s a copd exasperation . That’s going to be a nice bill ugh . I finished applying for the affordable care act healthcare today . I was accepted due to being terminated from Medicaid . Now I have to chose a plan that my dr uses . So far I can’t find one :frowning: just feel I can’t catch a break anymore if it’s not one thing it’s another !


Some states have a discount for hospital stays they are based on a sliding scale based on income. You should check with the hospitals billing dept. Colorado has one that is called the Colorado resident discount program. You can also check with local churches some will help pay hospital charges. I hope you are out of the hospital soon and start feeling better I will say a prayer for you.

God Bless,



Thank you so much ! I am home now but feel the same as I did when I went in :-/ one good thing since I’m home is I finished applying and enrolling for health ins through the affordable care act marketplace . It will start July 1 . Now I just need to wait for this hospital bill and talk to the billing dept and social worker to see what help I can get . Question - does anyone else here happen to have COPD ?