No heat at work

Hi all...

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day, even though I know we all aren't... However, mine really sucks.. The heat in my building that I work in is out and has been out for a week, I had a space heater that won't work anymore and they don't know when the heat will be fixed. For the last few days I have been leaving work at 1 because I just can't take the cold. This cold weather is the worst for us and to have to work in it is ridiculous.. I'll just go home and sit in my nice warm place and say "Oh well".. How's everyone else's day going so far?

ps.. and I refuse to go and buy a heater, if I come in then they should supply me conducive working conditions.. Am I being petty or would you do the same?

I would be the same way, especially if the heat has been out for a week. That's crazy! Stay warm and I hope the heat gets fixed soon.

I agree with you, I wouldn't be able to handle working with no heat.... You can't be productive when all you can think about is getting warm.