Newbie and kinda scared

Im really new to all this diagnosis … I do not really no much about apps like this where i can discuss things but im giving it a shot so bare with me.

Im here for more info and personal experiances dealing with lupus.
So far for me my flares havent been so good. But im doing okay now. But im afraid of how serious things can and will get.
And im a worrier and an overthinker and tend to always think the worst. So u can imagine that for me. i really dnt no what else to say. But as i read all of your disscussions im sure ill pick up quick.
Thanks for listening

Welcome! This site is full of information so I'm sure you'll start finding answers and reassurance for your worries quickly.


I am new to this too! Joined yesterday… NICE TO MEET YOU!

I strongly advise ‘NOT WORRYING’ I know this is easier said than done but stress will only make your flares worst.

Have you ever read up on NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming? I found this helped with my stress levels and gives me a more positive outlook on life.

Xxx Take Care xxX


Thanks you guys.
I have some knowlodge of lupus i just dnt no how to manage it and these meds were kicking my butt. And NLP ? I’ll look into that.

This site has been such a Godsend for me, I've learned so much here. I'm glad that you're reaching out, and I'm glad you're here!

Welcome Ballerina & Lucy...

I'm pretty new here myself but you'll get TONS of information from all the wonderful, knowledgeable people here. Just read through all of the discussions and you'll find things that apply to you now and lots of information on things that don't apply now but might in the future.

This place is a great resource for info. And ask questions, post about good days and bad. You'll get cheers and hugs. Sending you both hugs now. :)

good luck to you both


I am also newbie, I was diagnosed with lupus 1 month ago, I am trying to read and learn about lupus too!
I would like to be your friend!

Welcome to all the new members I have learned so much from this site I hope you enjoy getting to know people and ask questions that's the best way to learn.

I am new too! I was diagnosed 1 month ago too.

Feel free to email me:)