New to LWL

I am a "bit" older than the normal demographics for a diagnosis of Lupus.

But last month, during a hospitalization for what was first thought to be disseminated shingles (which was later proven not to be shingles), my ANA was 1:640. I have had some of the symptoms of lupus, actually felt like puzzle pieces were finally fitting together.

I have had three skin biopsies, which all tested negative for lupus and have been called "undefined dermatitis" So how does this fit with the ANA results?

The more I read on lupus the more confusing it seems to be.

@Ldysporster I feel the same way about researching Lupus. Good luck!

Hi ladysporter.
There is something that you will quickly learn if you haven’t already. There is nothing normal about this disease. No two Lupies have the same issues in the same degree.
What works for one doesn’t work for another. My thinking is find the best specialists you can find for each of your issues. I now have 5. I was 70 when I was diagnosd, 5 years ago. My skin biopsy is what clinched my Rheumy’s diagnosis. This is a new format and I still can’t find "my friends ". I’m old, I hate change. Just when you think All the pieces fit you will find out they don’t. This disease doesn’t come all wrapped out in a neat littl bow… Get as much information as you can. Love your doctors or, “leave” them.
Newly diagnosed is scary. Best of luck with coping with the issues and there may be many,


Cindy, the “friends” facility doesn’t exist on the new format but your friends are still here. If you go to the Members tab you can search for them by their user name.


Thank you for e-mailing me. I am technology challenged. I don’t know where to find “member tab”. If you can help me that would be great.


Hi Cindy

Scroll right to the top of the page, underneath the big Life With Lupus logo banner is a row of navigation tabs: Home - Guide - Welcome - About - Forums - Members - Profile - Click her to enter chat.

Click on Members and search for your friends user name by entering it in the filter box (on the right). When you find your friends you can message them by clicking on their avatar (the photo/initial) to the left of their name and selecting message.

You’ll get the hang of it, just experiment!