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Hi Friends,

I post again with my 2nd abscess. This one wasn't as bad as the first one. It began on the 4th and the swelling wasn't bad and the pain didn't start until today. I've had 2 CT scans that show a small abscess which has released a bit of infection (if tmi, I apologize- just trying to figure this out). Went to the ENT dr. today and he tried to aspirate any infection in my jaw or underneath my tongue and very little came out. I had to have a special xray of 360 degrees of my head to rule out teeth trouble. The CT scan didn't show any, but he said this would be more conclusive. If it is a tooth, I'll have follow up with an oral surgeon. If not, we're not sure yet. Depends on what this Xray shows. I'm on Clindamycin for 10 days (3x / day) and it's helped already somewhat. I am just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. This is the 2nd abscess in 2 months. Antibiotics work well, but I don't want to do this the rest of my life. I do take otc meds for pain and all. So controlling the symptoms isn't the bad part. I just hate the thought of it recurring over and over. I know my facial muscles on my right side tend to tense up on me and the pressure from the infection could be causing my pain. But I'm just trying to manage my symptoms the best way I can. I've read articles about Sjorgen's Syndrome and Fibro being linked to this. Any advice or suggestions? I am welcome to it. Thank you always for listening.

Take Care,



Hi Vicky,

Wow, those absesses sound horrid! I have fibro and don't recall anyone mentioning absesses as a symptom, although yeast infections are common to us fibrites. Then again...I have had skin infections turn into boils that need to be aspirated, so maybe there IS a fibro connection.

I am wonderingvif you could be helped by either accupuncture (my mental fog kept suggestingthe word "needlepoint " instead of accupuncture) or else massage to the tense areas? Perhaps the absesses are a result of the tension and friction? Some people with fibro get pain relief with tens machines. That can either be done by a physical therapist or you can buy them online, directly or through eBay.

It will be interesting to read what others have suggested to you. I hope they help you to find the root of this problem and/or an effective way to control it (my doc prescribes Doxycycline and tells me to put wam compresses on the offending spot. I don't know if that would help with the absesses though.)




Sorry but my brain is so slow and creaky these days! I FINALLY remembered what my most recent skin problem was - a skin infection under both arms that caused two extremely painful lumps under the arm pits. They were also red and itchy. I am not sure but I wonder if your absesses and my painful lumps were first cousins?

It felt like someone had ground glass under the left armpit, and shoved it into the pit. I could see that both were starting to get infected (holiday weekend, of course!) and raced for treatment on the next day, Tuesday. Holiday was Memorial Day, start of summer weather. Hmmmmm... it looks like a duck and quacks like one...

I am sorry if I am rambling. Just trying to organize things into some sort of cohesive whole, if that is possible.


Thank you for your reply, Petunia. I think part of getting to the bottom of this abscess is first seeing if it's on or near a tooth. I feel pressure on my back rt. molar #1, but no pain. I go the 22nd for that. I'm like you, I have considered tension and friction as a culprit. I don't grind my teeth, but my jaw muscles have clenched up in my sleep. With arthritis and swelling of joints, this has especially crossed my mind. If it's not a 'tooth thing', I'm not sure what the oral surgeon will suggest. I have read that the parotid gland (located just in front of each ear) can be culprit and I do feel swelling there. So, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Right now, my ENT has me taking Clindamycin. It works well. I just know I've had 2 episodes in 2 months and I don't want this to be a lifetime thing I just have to deal with. I agree with you on being interested in seeing what our Lupus friends have to say about it. Surely I'm not the only one....Again, thank you so much for your reply.

Take Care,



I'm glad you are on antibiotics, vrr. I wouldn't mess around with any acupuncture or alternative treatments for an abscess in the jaw, Petunia, as abscesses can get serious very quickly. Keep us posted on what the oral surgeon says, vrr.


Sorry that I wasn't clearer. I meant that she might think of trying accupuncture and massage when she doesn't have an absess, as possible preventive measures, as she'd requested. Checking with her doctor first would be important.
Madere (dancermom) said:

I'm glad you are on antibiotics, vrr. I wouldn't mess around with any acupuncture or alternative treatments for an abscess in the jaw, Petunia, as abscesses can get serious very quickly. Keep us posted on what the oral surgeon says, vrr.


Hi Madere,

Yes, it can be serious and that part scares me. I try very hard to keep my mouth clean and take better care of myself as a whole. Other than this abscess thing, I've fared pretty well all considered. I get the flare once a month or two that lasts about a week, but I can handle it. Lupus is a funny like bird, that's for sure.



I am not sure that my answer to your post was appropriate at all. Sometimes anymore I find it hard to think straight and I think I am, only to be told later that I wasn't. So my apologies to you if what I suggested wasn't appropriate. I think that lack of sleep jumbles up my thoughts and words a lot anymore.

If the absesses come from your lupus then the problem wouldn't be clealiness, would it?

I'm so sorry you're getting them. I suppose that they can get to be a problem quickly. It's a good thing you went for treatment. I hope you can find a way to eliminate them.


Hi Petunia,

For the abscess it may not be, but to possible help curb flare ups it would be. The thing is I don't know where the abscess is coming from. It 'appears' to have been in the area of my parotid gland and the curve of my mandible. I've seen my ear, nose and throat dr. who is as baffled as I am. I've been using toothpaste that my rheumy had recommended and an alcohol-free mouth wash that was recommended as well. The x-ray showed discoloration on my back right molar root. The ENT doc and the radiologist who read both x-ray and mri both say they don't see cavities or anything besides this abscess that was about 3mm x 8/10 of a mm, but they feel this spot may be a factor in this. I won't know for sure until I see the oral surgeon. I've been taking supplements for the last 2 years along with my regular meds, so I'm not sure why this is happening. I just know I want to get back to feeling human again. See, the first time this happened, not 1 dr. ,but 2 misdiagnosed me. It was the ENT dr. that diagnosed me correctly and treated me correctly. This time, I went straight to the ENT and thankfully- it's going much better. No worries Petunia. I have days where I think and rethink things I've said and often it still doesn't make sense.


Sure sounds odd, doesn't it? I hope you can get an answer from the oral surgeon. If there is a mitigating factor from the right molar, then I hope he can resolve it. Screwed up teeth roots can make you feel AWFUL.

I wonder if your former toothpase or mouth wash caused the spot on your root? Perhaps the oral surgeon can tell you if lupus causes problems in the teeth/roots.

Good luck!!! Please tell us how you make out!

Tired Petunia


Thanks Petunia. I will do so. I will be quite curious to see what the surgeon says. I spoke with my brother and we were talking about teeth issues within our immediate family. He said he had an impacted root and that he knew my Dad did and both of them didn't experience pain. So it could be a possibility. But I am going to ask about Lupus and the other things. I'm feeling better than I did. I just want an answer and a solution to hopefully prevent a repeat of this stuff.


I have Sjogren’s and one of my symptoms is a hard, painful swelling of my parotid glands. It was actually my first symptom at age 15 and was misdiagnosed multiple times. Antibiotics and steroids work. Since I’ve been on multiple different meds to suppress my immune system it hasn’t happened.


Thanks for your reply, BookaholicSpoonie,

Since, I have found I had a cracked tooth. It was extracted with ease and no other complications. But now I'm having issues with my endocrine system and my fatigue is at an all time high along with head and body aches, nausea and some smothering. I've had labs and xrays and so far all is in normal range except my a1c which I had my primary up my metformin for. Primary doesn't feel the other stuff is diabetes related and wants me to see an endocrinologist. So I go on the 1st for that. Meanwhile, I move at a snail's pace. But at least I'm moving. Have any of you experienced endocrine system issues with lupus? If so, what has that been like for you? Thanks for listening!




Hi Petunia

Do you see a Dermo for the “skin infection”? I have had a couple in the groin area and my Dermo said next time I get one come to him before it starts to “ooze” and I did and he injected steroids into the area. He said I have Hiradenitis Suppurativa. I asked if it is Lupus related and he just shrugged his shoulders.
I have issues inside my mouth. Nothing that Plaquenil didn’t cure