New Symptom

I am having shortness of breath. Last Friday, July 3, I wound up in the ER with difficulty breathing and passing out. My oxygen levels were in the 90's! My blood work came back fine. The doc said I was hyperventilating. My oxygen would be low for that. I was also wheezing when exhaling before all this started. The doc basically said nothing was wrong and gave me an inhaler to use. Has anyone experienced this? I see my internist tomorrow. No, I do not have asthma or smoke. I have been short of breath since a drug reaction 3 wks ago.

Pooh, I just lost my response to you so will just say yes, I have experienced the rasping and shortness if breath. In my case, it's asthma. Started up after I got fibro, though had it very briefly as a child. The inhaler works wonders for me, thank God, and I hope it does for you, too.

Oh, and yeah, I guess someone WOULD hyperventilate after not being able to catch their breath, but I don't buy hyperventilating as the CAUSE of your shortness of breath

Maybe you could google the name of the med you had a reaction to plus the words, "shortness of breath." Or write in the med name, followed by, "drug interaction," and then "shortness of breath or asthma," to see if anything comes up. If it's happened to you, I am thinking it may have happened to others, too.

When I am flaring my chest feels very heavy like someone is sitting on me but I can breath ok.
It does sound like you possibly are in a flare on top of asthma.

I agree could be a flare with your other medical issues too but are u anemic? Because low iron and anemia can cause u shortness of breath and high pulse

Oh and lots of dizziness

I do not think I am anemic. They took blood today and will check that. Internist is sending me back to Cardiologist. She also gave me Symbicort inhaler to use twice a day. They did a breathing test and it was a little off (whatever that means). I go back in a month for follow-up. Thanks for all the replies!