Life With Lupus

New Doctor


Can anyone recommend a Rheumatologist in or around Hanover, PA? I have been to 2 different ones in the last year. Both are not willing to diagnose. They keep saying it's one of the Auto-Immune disorders, Lupus is always discussed, but nothing ever comes out of the discussions as far as a definite diagnosis.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!



In my personnel opinion moving around to different doctors is not such a good idea. In my case I began my illness with doing that and I could not get any answers. Some 25 years later, I found one doctor that I liked and believed in and stayed with her. In the beginning they told me the same thing and it wasn’t until after several visits that she started to investigate the fact that I had lupus. If fact it took me almost a year and a half with her to be Diagnosed, even after three other doctors thought I had lupus, including my Numerologist who referred me to my rheumy. I had a very complicated case so part of it was based on the science. But then one day something happened to me and she saw it, and that was it, the deciding factor.

I truly believe that your relationship with a doctor has to be built. They have to believe in you and you have to believe in them. Sometimes it is not all about the science, it’s about seeing what you are going through and wanting to help you find an answer.

Best of luck to you… I know how frustrating it can be.



Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I haven't seemed to find a doctor yet that will see and understand what I am going through. I don't like to switch around doctor's by all means, just want to find one that I can have a good relationship with.