Life With Lupus

Neurologist specializing in autoimmune disorders


I am trying to find a neurologist in the Boston area who specializes in autoimmune disorders, specifically lupus. My headaches are daily now - can't remember the last pain free day. Any referrals?


Is the Hospital for Special Surgery nearby enough to you- they are world leaders in the treatment of lupus? I had this too and was seen by a neurologist but he didn't specialize in just lupus - he was able to fix me up - have you had a neuro consult yet


Thanks so much for this recommendation. I am not familiar with this hospital but would like to research more about it. How did the doctor there "fix you up"? I have a neurologist here in Boston but I don't think she has many lupus patients. Glad to know that you found relief but also comforting to know that I am not the only one!!


Neurologists are educated in autoimmune diseases as well so they are not idiots and migraine syndromes are a mainstay for neurologists too I was fixed with medical therapy - using the right combinations of drugs


Hi Daisy
My sister is a nurse and she lives in Everett. i WILL call her tomorrow and see if she knows of any neurologist. I ive in Hudson NH and neuroogist is the only specialist I don't have, yet. HAHA This is of course I remember. HAHA



Where is the Hospital for Special Surgery???



New York City but is world known It also has a great website on lupus with lots of info


Hi Poobie:

Can you tell me the name of the dr in NYC. I don't need anyone now but , Who knows when or if I will.



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I know this thread has been inactive for a while, but Dr. Bernstein at BIDMC's headache center (it's in Brookline) is phenomenal. I was treated like a human being with a genuine illness -- something that's been hard for me to come by after being misdiagnosed as having a psychiatric cause for my symptoms (Converison Disorder, essentially code for hysteria) and probably misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia (first rheum I saw said with 100% confidence that it wans't fibro, 2nd diagnosed me with fibro despite that and is one of the rudest, condescending, egotistical physicians I have ever met, she was horrible...) SO, the fact that Dr. Bernstein sat with me and treated me as a patient with integrity in the face of my records just goes to show how she really looks at the patient as a person and not a nutcase or set of lab tests that just needs to be rushed through the office.