Negative Lab Results

Hello I am new on this forum, I was diagnosed with Lupus since 2002 but i have never really suffered from anything other than joint pain here and there. I have been seeing my Rheumy every 6 months for blood work and the results always comes back as a positive on the ANA Systemic Lupus profile. A couple of months ago I started feeling very ill with a lot more symptoms and I also saw a neurologist because I am having trouble with “lupus fog” as well. I just received my lab work and the ANA came back negative but I feel so sick, i do not understand why that is??

I just wrote this to another question I replied to. But sometimes the ANA can give false negatives. So have them retest you and ask is ADNA testing is the more thorough test to confirm. I myself had a neg ANA a couple of years back, and now I’m positive.