Need some support

Hi everyone,
I haven’t been on this site in a while and really am looking for some help, which is hard for me to ask for. I’m so tired of everyone I know feeling bad for me. They tell me that it’s because they love me and feel helpless but I haven’t had a break in a while. I always know things could be worse, but for me right now, this is about as bad as it has ever been. I work as a special Ed teacher and took the summer off (I usually work) on short term disability to rest. It helped with the constant stress I have about missing work but I didn’t physically feel much better. I also started on cymbalta to help with pain and anxiety and because I am so sensitive to medication we have been doing it very slowly. The school year started off ok…I was tired but managing. But now I am in an all out flare. I increased the cymbalta a few weeks ago and the doctors think I nag have gone too high for my body. My heart started beating irregular and I was seeing stars a lot, not to mention the daily migraines. I lowered the cymbalta again and have a heart monitor with me but feel like mentally I have hit a wall. I am really struggling dealing with this…feeling like I never have a break…feeling like I’ll never be normal again. I am going to join a gym / yoga studio but my hips are bad and when I’m in pain I take pain medicine which I do NOT want to rely on. So that’s a catch 22. I have an incredibly supportive boyfriend and family, but they are worried about me and feel helpless. I had to miss my best friends bachelorette party last weekend and frankly, miss out on most activities. Sorry for all of the venting, but does anyone have any advice on how to get through a tough time? My job is very supportive too but I’d really rather not take more disability time. I also am taking online classes so that with my certification I’ll eventually be able to make my own hours. School isn’t stressful for me…I can do it from bed :slight_smile: and really enjoy it. I’ve always been told I’m a strong person but I feel like I’ve lost that and I have no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, and hope everyone feels good. <3

First, don't even apologize for venting...better out than in, they say?! We all need to do it sometimes :) Second, it doesn't sound like the Cymbalta is really working, if it's even working at all?? Maybe inquire about other medication possibilities with your doctor. It's funny though, I too have been going through a tough time recently; more-so mentally and emotionally than physically and I too feel completely of my strength when I know I'm a strong woman. I just try to think of a happy future outcome. If that makes sense? Or at least holding on to the hope of the idea of the outcome I want when I get through whatever struggle it is that I'm going through helps me. Also writing things out in a notebook/journal are incredibly helpful. I'm not sure if my post has even helped, but just know you're not alone, and there are many people here willing to listen if you need to vent again <3 best wishes!

I’ve been having problems with my hips too. It makes the days last longer. Meditation helps when your mind goes crazy. Yoga will help with the mind and body. I do it at home so I can stop when I need to and go back to it when I feel up to it. I’m glad you have support from bf and fam. I understand how when you talk to them they give you those I feel bad for you look. And all they say is that really sucks or I hate that this is happening to you. Start writing in a journal it helps to clear the mind and gets stuff off your chest with out judgment :slight_smile: hope that helps