Life With Lupus

Need recomendations on Rheumatologist and Pain Specialist in Washington State


I live on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington and although we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world...we are also one of the most remote areas in terms of medical specialists. Traveling to Seattle is so taxing and expensive. My GP is wonderful but needing to get me to a specialist for help with my Lupus/Pain issues. I have no local support other than my children over an hour away. I will figure out a way to make it to a specialist as long as I know it's worth the trip. I've had too many negative experiences to warrant the exhaustive traveling. I do have family in Olympia and Portland, OR....so if someone knows of great practitioners near these areas...it would work well because it's easier to go there and have the support of family than try to get to Seattle. Any feedback on docs in Kitsap County would be great. I've been seeing a Rheummy there but not getting good support and the pain specialist is not following through with referral...thus the new referral to Seattle. I hope this makes sense?! Does any one have a good practitioner who is holistic....not fragmented care for every little problem (big problem I suppose but they are all doctors aren't they?). I also have type 1 diabetes....which I love my endo in Kitsap County. I want all my docs in one area because it's a long trip one way. Thanks in advance for any help, Pam