Life With Lupus



Hello it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Lots of changes in my life but the biggest was I finally had to quit working. And thinking that would help me feel better, but hasn’t happened yet. I have severe fatigue and just in constant pain. I can’t get any rest at night because of the pain. My Rheumy said he didn’t want to give me steroids because it’s just going to put more weight on me. And as far as meds for Fibromyalgia he says he thinks my issues may be from sleep apnea in which I can’t get tested for 6 months! I’m so frustrated and I feel like I can’t keep living with this type of quality of life… Suggestions!?


Hi Michelle,
I know what you are going through. A couple of months ago I was forced to quit my job, due to the pain from the Lupus. Just know that it does get better, you be able to work soon. Warm showers helps with the pain sometimes. Also using a heat pad works. So just hang in there girl and with God’s strips you are heal.


The hardest thing for me was giving up my career! My cardiologist did not give me an alternative, he will not release to work and recommended disability! I love my career and I worked hard for the degree! I pray that you do get a k at it! The rheumatologist told me to rest! He said, pushing ourselves is not what the doctor orders! He explained that stress works against us and work can cause stress depending on ur job! I wasn’t diagnosed till recently but I’ve had this for years just not diagnosed properly! You need to take the break! Rest when u needdd and go at your own speed! Take care of you!