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Natural Remedies for RA


Hi All,

Just listened to an interesting clip about using natural remedies to curb RA. I battle on a daily basis with my right knee and ankle. Almost every night my hubby gives me a massage with a pain cream to help me settle for bed.

So according to this expert, one should try to have plenty of fish rich in omega 3 fats like Salmon. Eat veggies like onions,cabbage,asparagus and sour croute. A home made bone broth is great for flares of RA. He also recommended plenty of fresh fruits like papaya and pine apples. Stay away from excess sugar,soy products,canola oil,wheat and grains with gluten.

Recommended supplements are 1000mg of turmeric, fish oil, omega 3 and sulfur. Turmeric can also be sprinkled over your food.

I'm going to give the Turmeric a start from tomorrow.

Stay well.



Yes sugar and red meat and chicken affect my right knee. Rain adds to it too