Myriad of symptoms

Could protein in the urine and sporadic perfuse sweating (back of neck, face,chest ) several times a day, on and off tight feeling skin, light headed and winded feeling with exertion be related to autoimmune disease?

I get those symptoms often. Usually protein in the urine can be bad but I have always had a small amount show up in all of my lab work. I usually take these symptoms as a sign of my body telling me to take it easy.

My blood work and urinalysis was faxed to the nephrologist a few weeks ago. After looking at the results, he said that he wants me to cond in but not an emergency. I was scheduled for the first available appointment, in about 10 days. I will call the office to let then know about the sweating.

Im on a medication called lisinopril it is for blood pressure but it also helps my kidneys to not put out so much protein

Hopefully when I see the nephrologist, it will be a minor problem. Can’t stand the thought of any new problems

I still get nervous when I go in to see the doctor no matter if I feel fine or not

Protein in the urine is an objective finding and is not normal. You need to find out WHY there is protein in the urine. The answer could lead to a diagnosis for the rest of your symptoms. Good luck!

The thing that really disturbs me is that the both urinalysis’s were done
By different doctors. Neither were concerned about the protein. The doctors are supposed to be good. I am the one who initiated contact with the
Nephrologist. Maybe it will end up being nothing, but I shouldn’t have had to be the one to initiate the contact. After reviewing the records, the nephrologist didn’t see it as an emergency but did feel that there was enough concern for me to come in for an initial evaluation. It just shows that we have to be our own advocates.

I have had protein in my urine for years (like 30+ years). None of my doctors have been concerned. I am post menopausal and get those exact sweats you describe. You don’t say how much protein is in your urine. Mine has always been about 4 times the normal range. The only thing that has caused it to go back to the normal range was eating much less meat. I don’t eat red meat at all, chicken maybe once a week, and fish twice and that seems to help. My doc told me that some people just release more protein than others and that it is normal for them. BTW I am 44 and started going through menopause at 32 thanks to Lupus et al. Good luck

I am on lisinopril for high blood pressure

I know that I have those things to as symptoms of my diseases so get checked out