Life With Lupus

My Rheumy visit


I went through 6 different NSAID's before I got one that worked and didn't make me nauseous!!! I want to eventually try going without, and replacing with supplements. Dr Yogi is not ruling out surgery, but we are going to try the less intrusive approaches first.

Jane S. said:

The back doctor sounds terrible, I can't believe he said that! I had an eye doctor once who shouted at me when I said two of the choices looked the same! I started asking friends who they went to until I found someone who loved hers. That worked out. I wouldn't go back to that guy you saw. Dr Yogi sounds fabulous! They can do a lot these days . On the celebrex issue, tell the doctors it costs too much. There are a lot of cheaper, effective ansaids out there. I took celebrex but had to switch after a couple years for side effect issues. The new new is just as good, and much cheaper.


I tried all the alternatives to celebrex too. They all made me sick, so it's celebrex for me forever!