My meds

All my wonderful drugs!
Acetaminophen 500 mg Take 2 pills once a day or as needed for pain
Advair 500/50 Inhale twice a day
Albuterol 90 mcg inhaler Inhale 1 to 2 puffs as needed
Albuterol Sulfate 0.083% Inhale 1 vial as directed every 3-6 hours as needed in nebulizer
AndroGel 1.62% (20.25 mg per pump) Apply 2 pumps onto the skin daily
Aspirin 81 mg Take once a day
Retuxin infusions
Cellcept 500 mg Take 2 tablets twice a day=2000 mg a day
Clindamycin 300 mg Take 2 capsules 1 hour before procedure
Cymbalta CAP 60 mg Take 2 capsules daily
Diazepam 10 mg Take as needed for severe pain or nausea
Evoxac 30 mg Take once a day
Gabapentin 300 mg Take 2 pills 2 times a day and 4 pills at bedtime=2400 mg a day
Klor-Con M10 EQ ER Take 1 pill a day
Lasix 40 mg Take 1 pill twice a day
Methylpred Pak 4 mg Take as needed in emergency flare
Metoprolol 25 mg Take twice a day
Magnesium 1000 mg Take once at bedtime
Morphine ER 30 mg Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for pain
Multivitamin Take once a day
Omeprizole 20 mg Take once a day
Plaquenil 200 mg Take twice a day
Prednisone 7 mg Take once a day
Quinacrine HCI 1 POW QD Once a day
Ranitidine 150 mg Take 1 tablet twice a day
Restasis 0.05% Use 1 drop in each eye twice a day
Systane Lubricant eye drops Use 1 drop in each eye 4-5 times a day
Verapamil 120 mg Take once a day
Warfarin 7.5 mg Take as directed by anticoag clinic
Zofran 8 mg Take as needed
Zolpidem 10 mg Take 1 at bedtime

Can you name the pills you are taking ? Which pills help you the most ?

Okay, I typed out a very long reply from my Note 3, and it doesn't seem to be here! If you got it in your email CountryRose, would you please let me know? Thanks


Well CountryRose, I typed out a reply again ( just a little one) and the "ADD COMMENT" button is what doesn't work on my phone, grrrrr. So I hit the little red x and I thought it would delete what I typed but it erased your apology! Oy! Just so everyone knows CountryRose apologized and said she felt bad that I typed out all my meds and it didn't work. I was typing back that it is ok because I was just relaxing on my couch watching tv while typing on my phone. So I am going to just copy and paste my meds list from my Mac (which I am at now) :)

Now I will explain why I take my meds. I have Asthma, the medication that has helped the most is the Advair. It has helped so much that my doctor has lowered my dose from the 500/50 to the 250/50. I have heart disease and have had two mitral valve replacements. I also have Atrial Fibrillation and Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia. The medication that has helped with those heart problems is the Verapamil and the Metoprolol. My heart used to beat so fast, I would pass out, now it has a normal rate. I take Lasix because my legs and feet swell up because I am in heart failure, but the med does help even though I pee like I were a 10 months pregnant woman! I have Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome and have thrown clots at a 3.0 INR (that's supposed to be pretty thin blood) so I take the Warfarin and Aspirin for that and for my heart valve and the A-Fib, so no wonder I throw clots easily with all those clotting disorders! I have had two full strokes and a bunch of TIAs, but I'm still kicking. I have Sjogren's and take the Systane, Restasis, and Evoxac for it, and I also have tear duct plugs in both eyes. The eye drops really help, but the Evoxac only lasts 5 hours, so my mouth turns into the Sahara I think before 5 hours is up. The Omeprizole and Ranitidine have helped my reflux, but not my irritable bowel syndrome. The Magnesium really helps keep me regular with all the meds and pain meds I take, when I am constipated I take the Magnesium on a regular basis and when I have diarrhea I stop taking it until it stops. Now the rest of the medication I take for the Lupus. The Plaquenil has helped with my APS because it took away my migraines. I think the medication that has helped me the most with my Lupus is the Prednisone ( except I hate the weight gain from it ), the pain medicine ( I can't take any anti inflammatories due to the blood thinners ), the Zofran for nausea, and the Retuxin infusions, for which I got a Power Port placed. They first tried Benlysta, but it made me horribly nauseated and didn't stop my flares. I also have PSC or Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, and I used to take Ursodiol for it, but my liver doc took me off and said it doesn't work for the illness, they just found out. So now they just watch my LFTs ( Liver Function Tests ) and I get an MRI every year. Right now my LFTs are high and getting higher, so I am having my MRI next week and they are about to admit me for a liver biopsy, oh joy... So there you have it, I hope this helped you CountryRose and everyone else. God bless!

Oh and I forgot I use the Androgel because the Morphine and some of the other meds lower my Testosterone.

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Thanks Cameron .... After taking all these pills do you have room for any food. How do you afford all that medication. After reading your post you have a lot going on ... I am so sorry that your health is so bad.... and yet you sound like any out going guy. I am going to run some of these meds. past my Doctor in Sept is when I see him again . Thanks .... Cameron and God Bless You

Thank you so much CountryRose, that was a nice compliment. I forgot to say why I take the Neurontin (Gabapentin). I have neuropathy in my legs and arms. My legs hurt the worst, and when I sleep I have to have my legs raised up on a big pillow. I used to wake up screaming in pain, my legs, especially my right leg. Since I've been taking the med the way my doc changed it around with me taking 4 pills just before bed, I haven't had that happen. My legs hurt all the time and on the top of the right one, it's numb from just above the knee to the hip. To answer your question about eating, I have to eat in the morning before taking my morning meds. I am never hungry, and I usually have to force myself to eat. My wife and daughter always get after me for not eating. They also get after me for doing too much and yell at me to rest. My youngest daughter yells at me while pointing her finger at the couch, with her hand on her hip, to "Go rest!!!" LOL! Most days I don't feel good and don't do anything, but when I do have some energy, I tend to overdo it and end up in a flare. Understand though that overdoing it for me is cleaning my birds cage, making breakfast (yogurt and granola and coffee), showering, and dressing. I may even be able to let our dogs out and back in. I have to rest after doing each one of those chores! I used to work 2 jobs (not on the same day), come home and mow both front and back lawns, garden, do some house cleaning, walk my dog, exercise (like going for a run) and still have energy to enjoy time with my family and I usually was the cook. My wife and daughter say I should have been a chef. :-)

I get Social Security (been working since age 16) and long term disability from my previous employer and free insurance plus the medicare from ssdi. I have a prescription plan through the ltd. This was all a blessing from God! It took 1 month to be approved for SSDI after I applied on line. For the LTD, my lawyer said it was the quickest approval he had ever seen. If you are still working and have a ltd plan and haven’t done so yet, make it 65% of your income. What that does is add money to what you get from ss and make it equal what you were making at your job,plus insurance for you and your family paid for by them. Plus if you contribute to a retirement plan,they take over paying that for you too.

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What a blessing .. it is nice to hear that you have a income every month....meds are very exspence . I get CPP and my old age pension but it hardly pays the bills and my meds . Looking at some of your photos ... you have a lovely family. We got 2 boys and a girl.... 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.... that sounds like I am old ..... but my mind feels like I am 40. God Bless You and your family.