My lupus poem

I was in the hospital yesterday and these words came pouring out of me. Just thought I’d share. Happy Easter weekend everyone!!

You’ve been there at my worst
drained of life, filled with desperation
helpless and hopeless
I think you relish in the thought

The dreams and aspirations I once had
have been diminished
Now I only dream of normalcy
I dream of simple days before you came

An unassuming boy came along after you
with his jokes and sweet boyish charms
he helped me to forget you for a while
and I lost myself in him

But I should have known better than to think
that you would disappear quietly
You resurfaced without warning
in my joints, in my blood

Oh, how clever you are
making yourself invisible to others
when I know the signs of your presence
all too well

My face flushes with redness
my body is stiff with fear
each breath I inhale
brings a sharp pain of sorrow

And there you are once again
taking a hold of me, mind and body
the mind that you have jaded
the body you have turned against me

I can never predict your actions
but I’ve come to learn some things
when I’m strong, you are silent
when I’m well, you are calm

I want to detest you
for making me vulnerable
but i want to thank you
for the person you’ve made me

I am strong, I am resilient
I am brave, I am compassionate
I’m spontaneous, I am carefree
I am beautiful, I am me

Yes I’m still me
though you scare me at times
you may ravage my body
but my soul is still mine

While you thrive on my fear
I still cling to my hopes
my mind is laden with thoughts of you
I release in my tears

I pray I can always laugh and smile
I pray you will never take my dignity
I pray for the others who suffer as I do
I pray that you won’t be the end of me

Hello Tee,

I hope you was'nt in hospital for anything to serious and that your either ok or recovering.

Lovely poem and such meaningful words for how Lupus treats we but words so true on how we should hold up to it.

Nice one mate and thank you for adding this, as it gives we gorgeous to keep fighting.

"Happy Easter my friend"....Love Terri easter bunny

Happy Easter

Beautiful poem.

Loved your poem Tee, thank you so very much for sharing your deep and upmost inner thoughts with us!!!

Absolutely wonderful poem, Tee. How you captured the very essence of our lives. Thank you so much!

Great poem thanks for sharing!

Very nice. All of us here can relate to these words. Thanks for sharing.


Absolutely moving and beautiful. Be well

Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Powerfully Wonderful.

Wow! That was absolutely beautiful! You must send that to the LFA so they can publish it! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it!

Thank you for putting in words what all of us think, wonder and fear. Happy Easter to you. I hope you had a good day.

Wow!! That was incredible!! Hope the hospital visit wasn’t anything too serious!! Either way I know it sucks!! I hate hospitals!! What a wonderful way to express yourself. Good luck!!!


You moved my soul with your words.

You are a lovely person inside and out.

All my love,


That is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that is all the things that LUPUS does to us , and the prayer's around the world are all the same .....Beverly L.

Obra maestra! So beautiful! :slight_smile:

Hi Tee, i could not help to remark on such a beautiful and well said poem, thank you for speaking the words for me and so many others and..i would also like to say i hope you are doing well and i am sure someone up high is watching over you! Thank You!!

Beautiful expression!

Nancy said:

Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it!