Muscle cramps?

Im new here and actually havent gotten final diagnoses of sle but down to psoriatic arthritis or sle. Dr is leaning more towards sle but need to wait 3mos past blood transfusion to make sure no donor cells cld be tested.

Im in pain head to toe most days. This past saturday my feet were swollen huge,as usual, but then they both cramped to the point of bringing me to tears. I couldnt move, didnt want to si becausr they’d cramp more. After about 15min the cramp stopped all at once, swelling went down just as fast leaving skin on toes wrinkled, and i had a severe burnin up to my knees fir about 30min. Has anyone experienced this? I have been getting muscle cramps for months all over… Hands, legs, neck, etc…



i am like you no concrete diagnosis yet but i also have fibromyalgia and i have severe cramps in my calves, really all over. they just come out of nowhere. i also get shin splints real bad and have a lot of tremors and spasms, im not sure about that swelling real fast i think you should probably see your doctor, maybe someone else can relate, good luck, nice to talk to you, kel

I know that getting a diagnosis is oftentimes the most difficult part of this disease. How to treat something that doesn't have a name?

I am concerned about the swelling as Lupus Nephritis is one of the major and most dangerous issues with lupus. This refers to the kidneys. If your kidneys are not functioning properly it can cause swelling as well as many other symptoms. Please have your doctor check your kidney function, ASAP. If it is a kidney issue, the sooner it's caught the less permanent damage it can do. This is very important as it can lead to dialysis and kidney failure. If you google Nick Cannon kidney give some good info in Nephritis. I know about this as I have it. I kidney biopsy is painless but can also be used as a tool in determining if you do in fact have SLE.

Please let us know how things turn out.



DeAnne. Thanks! The swelling has been the longest running symptom for at least 1 1/2yrs. Doesnt make a difference if im sitting standing, have legs elevated… I now wake up every day and even my face is swollen. Both sides but slightly more on the right side. Its bizarre how huge my ankles & toes get. Mentioning kidney function… Do you experience any urgency to urinate?? I mean to the point if bladder release? Also for some time urine has been extremely strong smelling regardless how much water u drink…


Yes, I do have the urgency to urinate, although sometimes it takes several minutes to begin. I would feel very much better if you had your kidneys checked. I don't want to frighten you, but your health is of paramount importance and even if it turns out okay, you would know. I have woken with only one side of my face swollen (talk about ugh) and it will eventually go down some during the day. Prednisone will cause swelling as well, but constant fluid retention needs to be addressed.

Please let me know what the doc says.



The cramps can also be due to low potassium levels so please have doc run a blood test for that as well. Gatorade is helpful some to bring potassium back up and get some fluid down at the same time. Then get all those tests done asap. Fluid at feet means it could be around heart too as well as possible kidney problems. See doc soon and let us know how it goes. Good luck. Love, Sheri

've been dx with psa. mine is mostly afecting the spine. I noticed the same symptoms.Swelling that changes fairly rapidly, puffy face, and the burni g sensation. Sometimes under the feet sometimes back of upper thighs too. I have been concerned about it. It started somewhat recently. Kinda relieved to read your post!!! not that it does much for either of us but at least we aren't alone.wonder if its due to some sort of relationship between sle and p/psa exacerbating each other somehow? Hang in there! I don't see my doc till Aug so if you find out any more please update.

Thanks everyone & mysteryder, i’ll keep you posted!!

For the cramping, which I get probably a dozen times a day in my feet, it was suggested by my pcp that I take CoQ10. I believe it actually works! Although she recommended 300mg a day, I find I have to take at least 600 a day and I may try going up a bit more. I'm like Mikey, I tried it and I like it!! haha Good luck, I know its not funny especially when they wake you and there's very little sleep to begin with!!

The cramps can be from low vitamin D too!