Multivitamin tablets

Hi I’m Lucy and I have Lupus SLE, Chronic Urticaria and Underactive Thyroid. I currently take 7.5mg of steroids along with 1500mg Mycophenolate Mofetil, 400mg hydroxycholoroquine daily along with my levothyroxine 150mg, blood pressure medicine and 3 different types of antihistamine.

what are your views on taking vitamins? Does anyone find they help?

I was going to incorporate multi vitamin tablets, with a combination of African mango, green tea and maybe some vitamin D. anyone take any of the above?

X thanks Lucy

Totally didn’t believe in vitamins. Had just about no vit d in blood test, and bones literally hurt. Take 50,000u of vit d prescribed. Fixed it. Have neuropathies in all extremities. Heard B complex worked, took it, amazing results just with walmart brand b complex. I hear b12 shots r good too. I am now a believer. And really annoyed my dr didn’t tell me when I suffered for years in agony! Get tested for vitamin deficiencies and defense take them!

Hi Lucy
I take 4000 units vit D a day. Vit E 400 units. Magnesium zinc calcium . I do think these help support my immune system.

I attended a Lupus workshop where a rheumatologist explained that the latest studies show that when a patient's Vitamin D levels go up, the active Lupus symptoms go down. So I would definitely look into taking Vitamin D. My Vitamin B and Iron levels were really low as well, so I take those supplements as well as a multi-vitamin.

I would suggest discussing with your doctor first. A blood test can tell you what vitamins you are lacking.

Hi Lucy,

I take a multi vit and 1000 units of vit D3 everyday. I find it helps me alot. Not often do I catch a cold or flu. Plus I get a flu shot every year.


Hi Lucy,

I also have lupus and urticaria and sjogren's. I have to take a prescription Vitamin D once a week because I am deficient. My doctor just told me that there are studies now that show that multivitamins don't do much of anything. I stopped taking them. The only over the counter meds I take are probiotics. I don't believe (but you should double check with your doc) that a multi will hurt you, but it may be a waste of money. Best of luck to you, and please keep us posted. xxoo Lysa

I have SLE and fibromyalgia and I’ve just started a month ago taking well woman immune booster and energy release tablets. Thought I was doing well cus managed to get a month without infection so maybe try something like that.

I take caltrate with vit. D, cold liver oil, flax, women muti,, biotin, magnesium, and some herbs and herbal tea


I do fully agree with dkel.

We should do blood check often and correct the course, particularly vitamin D3 - high dose may lead to kidney stones. Need to be watchful on the optimum level.

We are taking omega3 supplement(3000mg), which has reduced the severity of the joint pain.

The following are the supplements, my wife is taking,

Probiotic,grape seed extract,Astaxanthin and Magnesium.

She takes the steroid only on days,when the lupus symptoms

are severe.

We believe on supplements.



CoQ10 is ideal only for people below the age of 25.

Their body would be able to convert it into UBIQUNOL.

People of age above 25 should take UBIQUNOL,

as the conversion may not happen.

Last year my wife too was taking UBIQUNOL.

I read that Astaxanthin is a better antioxidant than UBIQUNOL,

Hence I had discontinued UBIQUNOL and bought Astaxanthin.


I take 50 thousand btu for bones and a calcicum as well.