Life With Lupus

Multiple Infections

Hello! I have had a rough 2019 so far. On January 7 is was diagnosed with shingles on the left side of my face. Started antivirals. Within a week of finishing the antivirals I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Started antibiotic. While still on this antibiotic saw my primary care doctor and was diagnosed with a UTI. Changed antibiotics. Now a week after finishing that antibiotic I had jaw pain and went to the doctor again. High white blood cell count so antibiotics again. I also had to stop cellcept during this whole thing so my SED rate has skyrocketed. I am starting to think there is something more and bigger going on. I have been lucky and rarely get any infections. Does anyone have any thoughts ideas about what might be going on?


Obviously I’m not a medical professional…

But what it sounds like is you have a generalized infection, you take something for 7-10 days, it gets knocked back, and as soon as you stop treatment it pops back up somewhere else… sounds like you might want to consider a broadband antibiotic for a longer run (maybe 21 days?) and see if that doesn’t knock it out once and for all.

I say this b/c I got into something like what you describe with a lung infection, I would be on meds for 7-10 days, feel good days 11 and 12 then slide back into infection on day 13 or 14… did this three times before I went on a heavier, broadbased med for a longer period of time, that finally knocked it out once and for all.


I’m so sorry you have to go through this. But lupus knows no bounds.

Had a similar experience through the holidays and the new year: cellulitis, inflamed lungs, shingles, inflamed lungs, massive doses of steroids all along, and much much more. Did have to stay on the Keflex extra long (1 month) for the cellulitis.

We’re so immuno-suppressed that infections (viral and bacterial) have their way with us. I really was surprised how fast the antiviral worked on the Shingles tho.

Take care and try to keep on top of it all.


I am sorry for your struggles. Its such a familiar song u sing. With lupus things spiral out of control easily. Esp as in my case multiple practioners attempting to traet me. 2018 wa BAD for me. Being immunosuppressed really puts us at risk. It seems the tx worse than the disrase. I ended up getting TOXOPLASMOSIS in my brain. So now i have 2 chronic conditions. See an Infectios disrase md if u continue w infections. Someone who will talk/work w ur Rheumy, Nephro etc. :pray: DruAnn

Oh my yes! I had the shingles at least 4 times. The last time in my ear which caused Bells Palsy…my face still isn’t right 9 months later. I do also have RA. Yet like you it’s one infection after another. I am just finishing off antibiotics for my last ear infection. I wish some one could tell me why as well. Hang in there!

Thank you all. So far I have been infection free since the jaw pain and was able to start the Cellcept again. My primary care doctor and my rheumy are pushing me off on each other. I am at a loss right now but am very happy to hopefully be on the road to my normal again. I have been very frustrated with the medical community lately. I see my rheumy next month so maybe some answers then.

I know what you mean. I have a primary care that is great. She is involved with all my specialists. I think that helps.
Sorry for your struggles. Take extra care in this mess.