Multiple autoimmune conditions

Has anyone ever heard of someone with Alopecia, Type 1 Diabetes, and Lupus? My Endocrinologist says that based on my genetic markers, I could be diagnosed with other autoimmune conditions before its over. Right now, I am having symptoms of both Sjogren's and Raynaud's, but docs aren't sure if it's Lupus or overlapping symptoms from other autoimmune conditions. I've done a lot of research and have found some information about people who have clusters of autoimmune conditions, but what I'm reading indicates that most people like me will have three conditions and it is rare to have more than that. I'm scaring myself. My Dermatologist told me a long time ago to be careful about where I get my information from. These sources seem pretty legit, though. I just want to be prepared. Does anyone know if there are specific tests for Sjogren's and Raynaud's? Thanks!

I'm adding my story here because the constant of autoimmune disease(s) symptoms is/are different.

Your approach is great. Learning about these diseases will make you more knowledgeable and empower you to participate in your care and make choices with your doctor.

Almost all autoimmune diseases can cause hair loss (alopecia--which can be autoimmune as well) and raynaud's both conditions are result of autoimmune disease and can be found in people without autoimmune diagnoses. Sjogren's and Lupus are autoimmune diseases and can occur together. The tests for SLE and Sjogren's can be distinguished from each other, though there a common chemistries, enzymes and proteins for both diseases. It's the cluster of tests that determine either one or both. Raynaud's is usually diagnosed by symptoms that are really obvious. Details here:

I have four autoimmune diseases: SLE, discoid lupus. autoimmune hepatitus and Sjogren's and have alopecia and Raynauds's as a result. Besides my eyes and my saliva, the Sjogren's bugs me the most because it has dried my lungs and caused bronchiectasis (adult cystic firbrosis).

You have to hold on.

An autoimmune disorder can affect many different body systems resulting in different disorders sometimes separated into distinct different diseases but the underlying cause is a dysfunctional immune system. Understanding this may help in reducing some of the fear of having multiple medical problems and enable you to cope with the resulting problems of this unfortunate disease.