Mouth problem

so. I am wondering if this is a s ide affect of a med???? really weird the top of my Hard palate is yellow tinged... tongues kind of white... not sure whats going on here

Could be thrush- you will need medicine to treat if so Thrush is a common side effect of immunosuppressive drugs

Hello Potslupus,

It sounds like you have a fungal infection in your mouth, as thrush besides candida can cause these issues..i'm not a doctor to diagnose but these symptoms do occur and even more so with sjogrens have you been tested for that also?

The link below may help you plus if you see your GP or dentist they can tell you straight away, none of we can offord to let these issues not be treated.

Terri xxx

Thrust definatly. I also get it with mouth sores. You can get medication over the counter at the drug store for it


I had terrible mouth sores which I do not have any more since my rheumy put me on plaquenil. they were really bad before but my mouth is great now. I have a problem with my tongue, it is swollen on the leftside. My rheumy called it something but i can't remember what he called it. help are feeling better.


Mouth issues are very common, as well as dental issues. According to my Rhuemy we don't create enough saliva to wash food particles out of our mouths.

When I had the same symptoms as you, I was given a Nystatin rinse to use 2 times/day. Within 2 1/2 days its was gone. It appears to be an infection common to those of us on immunosuppresent medication.

Since then I use a natural mouth rinse I got at Whole Foods that cleans, moistens and disinfects. I have only had to use the Nystatin one time since the first episode.

I do hope this help,



I've just come across this link on mouth sores with people with Lupus and it's very helpful :)