Mouth and throat sores

I have a lot of sores in my mouth and feeling like they continue into my throat. Anyone know something that will help. Starting to cause problems when I eat.

Hi Tarra,
I am sorry you are experiencing discomfort. I take Folic Acid for my mouth sores which had been caused by my Methotrexate. I take 5mg/ day. My doctor wrote me a precription, however, my insurance will not cover it. So…I went on and bought a very large bottle of Folic Acid. It comes in 1000mcg tablets which equals one milligram . With antyhing else, I would check with your doctor first. I hope this helps. Keep me posted.

Yes, there is something doctors call "magic mouthwash"--it is a compound of several things. I use it religiously when i start getting them. you swish it around for some time and can gargle it too. It numbs it a bit and i find that it helps coat them kind of and speeds healing. Your rheum should be able to prescribe it.

Magic mouthwash usually contains at least three of these basic ingredients:

  • An antibiotic to kill bacteria around the sore
  • An antihistamine or local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort
  • An antifungal to reduce fungal growth
  • A corticosteroid to treat inflammation
  • An antacid that helps ensure the other ingredients adequately coat the inside of your mouth

There are recipes online too for some homemade versions--but i have to say, the stuff the doc prescribes is quite a relief.

I hope you feel better soon!!!

I’m already on the folic acid because of the methotrexate I take, but it’s not helping much. I will ask about the mouth wash. Thanks so much.

Hi. Call your MD. He Or she can prescribe an anesthetic solution that you gargle and swish around in your mouth before meals and bedtime. Don’t swallow the solution!!! Good luck

I had a lot of mouth sores last year and nothing worked until I put coconut oil in my mouth. I even brushed my teeth with it for awhile. It cleared them up quickly and you can swallow it too. Now I use it instead of butter on toast. It's inexpensive and easy.

I have the sores in my mouth, too. I don't know what to do about them, but I would also like to find something to help. Good luck!

I just found some "magic mouthwash" recipes online here:

Hi, normally we experience these sores, but they go away in a day or two (there’s nothing to take , rise your mouth with WATER only , mouthwash burns VERY BAD) . But if they cause bad discomfort , PLEASE call ur doctor or go to the ER (make Sure you let them know that you have Lupus ), take care n prayer’s go out to U. …Beverly L

Hi I seem to get lots of mouth sore.I was using a rinse.This time my Dr gave me a cream.You have to get prescription for. it I had really bad sores and from the top of my mouth and my whole lip was swilling.It's called triamcinolone. With 1percent paste tar It is a cream. Just use a tip spreads nicely the next day I had no more pain and I could eat.It dries like cement but it really worked Just rinse your mouth and it is all done. Try it I am a nurse and I was shocked. Wish you good luck let me know how you are doing take care



My doc said that anything less than 5mg of Folic Acid is not enough. I was on 2mg and now I am on 5mg and I haven't had a mouth sore since. I also used the magic mouthwash. It does help.

Tarra said:

I'm already on the folic acid because of the methotrexate I take, but it's not helping much. I will ask about the mouth wash. Thanks so much.

Hi Tarra

I've had mouth sores occasionally since all this AI stuff has been diagnosed and an occasional bloody nose. We are prone to have mouth problems and yeast in the mouth.

  1. Tried the "mouthwash" but didn't work.
  2. Had extensive dental work done--for damage caused by Sjogren's. Worked well. Fixed rotten teeth and all cavities. It decreased the mouth sores because of bacteria from plaque and other bad germies were eliminated. Also works for lupus patients. Keep your teeth up to date.
  3. I had a yeast infection in ma mouth and my tongue and inside cheeks had sores and was crusty with yeast. EWE When the yeast was wiped out with fluconazole, the yeast, sores and sore mouth disappeared. Seems like we go after too many bacteria in the mouth. There are some good one bacteria. I wish that I had tried the yeast attack first.
  4. Take probiotics and if you can eat yogurt.

This has controlled my sores and yeast infections. I do get on occasion a yeast infections because of antibiotics, steroids, lupus itself and other drugs that change the PH of our intestinal tract.

Coconut oil and aloe vera are great for the pain.

have the mouth and nose sores very unpleasant, but find they come and go very quickly. Check out with your specialist your medication dosage. Also find get very sore ear( right side) and down into teeth, had this all checked no problem except with the lupus, that will just fire off on any part of the body it feels like. Let me know how it goes, Louisa

I had mouth sores (even down my whole throat) so bad I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and couldn't eat. Since then, I have been prescribed Famiclovir to take when I have flares of this. It's the only thing that has worked-it's for viral infections.

My rheumy prescribed a paste Triamcinolone Acetonide (topical prednisone) This helped with the pain of the sores I had, and made the sores go away. The Dr. said you can't use it by the tube full after tube full, though, but I didn't need to, since it helped in a few days.

I had the mouth sores, but since I’ve been on plaquenil they are gone and that’s 5 years now. I have used that “magic mouthwash” and it’s very temparary. My spelling has been terrible since I was diagnosed.
Take care everyone.