Life With Lupus

Moniquecraders' rash pics!


This is how my legs look all the time. however this pic doesnt show them that clear. It looks way worse in persob than in these pics! I was wondering if alot of other lupus patients have this kind nof rash?


I have that too! Sometimes it is on the inside of my arms to. I will post some pictures on my page for you to go look at.


I think it's called linear reticularis rash or something, because of the fish-net line look. Anyway, I don't remember the exact word, you could easily Google it, but I read that it is completely normal for some people with Lupus to get it (or as normal as you can get with Lupus). :-)


Yep I have had it its called livedo reticularis Mine is associated with autoimmune hemolytic anemia- a part of my lupus


I have that too, rheumy told me its a lacey pattern due to sle and aps (blood clotting disorder)
mine gets extra apparent in my hands, feet and legs when i’m cold! I have it all the time though, so i don’t think its something to be extra concerned about :slight_smile: