Migraine prevention

Does anyone take Depakote for migraine? How about botox? Success with either?

Hi, Daisy.

I love your name.:slight_smile: I am sorry you are having migraines. I don’t take either of these meds, but let’s see what others here in our community can share on their experiences.



My wife takes Depakote for migraine prevention and it had been a life saver for her. She went to a neurologist who put her on Topamax at the max dose and she still had migraines to so severe she would lose time, like a mini seizure. Though it didn’t work the neurologist would not try anything else. It was our gp that put her in depakote and her migraines are almost gone. If she misses a dose she still gets a migraine but other than that, no more suffering. I could kiss our doctor for recommending it.

I have had success with verapamil- a calcium channel blocker. There are reports of good outcomes with the botox injections- certainly worth a try if recommended by your physician