Good Morning Everyone;

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was supposed to be on course for work, and instead picked up Gastro from my girls. Ugh.

I see my Rheumatologist next week, and she is going to strongly suggest I start on Methotrexate, after not responding to prednisone. Im in constant pain in my joints, I will not go on narcotics, I will only take extra strength tylenol as I work full time as a nurse, and being a mom to two girls.

Thoughts on Methotrexate, has anyone taken this drug. Working as a nurse I give this drug a fair bit for women miscarrying. I have read up on the drug.

Just want to know what people think.


I was on it for a good year. The first month when I was getting used to it was a little rough. Ginger hard candies were my friend. :slight_smile: it helped with joint pain a bit and some fatigue. But not enough. I don’t respond to oral meds very well. Benlysta helped me a lot but that triggered other problems. Sometimes (most times) it’s finding the right combo of meds for the right person. Prednisone and oral medrol don’t work. I have to do iv or im. It’s kinda like a journey to feeling what your new normal is. Good luck. Try the methotrexate. It’s a great lupus drug. Make sure you take folic acid no matter what.

Jen made great suggestions and gave you solid advice Nurse93. One thing I would add is to make sure the Tylenol does not cause you any liver damage, it's pretty tough on that organ. I wasn't allowed to take it when issues came up with mine. Hope you are feeling better soon, whatever route you need to go to get there.

hugs, Louise

well I am 5 weeks into it and have weaned down my prednisone to 5mg everyother day and I am doing OK. I have had a really bad summer so feeling OK is fantastic. good luck we can only keep on trying till we find something to work right?