Methotrexate no longer available

Has anyone having a problem getting there methorexate filled at the pharmacy

Hi firelady,

I hope your still able to get it and member's will soon there's quite a few on methorexate.

Firelady -

I'm getting my finances together to be able to start up again with the blood work and all.... and then I saw an article about how they were having shortages. I did a search on Bing and just did a quick glance.

Looks like a shortage.


Hugs - Ang

I can ask on the Psoriatic arthritis site and let you know.

There does seem to be a shortage of injectable methotrexate:

I haven't had any trouble getting my prescription filled for the pills.

It's funny this being mentioned though because we had it on the news months back here in the some patients would have to be altered on different medication for all reasons of what they suffer as the main drugs which the companies are making in the uk....are being sent abroad to other companies who are paying bigger money for the drugs because they're need more.

One chemist by me can't get drugs for me at all off their suppliers and the other chemist i use, i have to wait several days for the meds to come in.

Dear Firelady,

I posted the question on the BF's Psoriatic Arthritis site, so far three people are knowledgable of this by experience. Seems to be the type you inject, it is preservative free with a short shelf life. I know that this info does not help you get it, but it is not unheard of. Hope this changes quickly for you.

Best to you and your Dad,


The FDA shows there is a shortage on the injectible right now, with and without preservatives, due to high demand. It looks like only 1 vendor has some. From the FDA's Current Drug Shortages list:

If you keep an eye on this list, it will also tell you if they are anticipating an upcoming shortages of a certain medication.
This list used to only have a few things on it at a time... it's amazing the amount of drugs that are "unavailable" lately. I wonder why?

**You can ask your pharmacy to order it from a certain company on this list, and you can also call your doctor's office -- he most likely will have some, so you can go get your shot there. (MTX seems to be unavailable from time to time, we used to cover shots for everyone in our Rheum office.)