Methotrexate / Imuran side effects... what should I expect?

My doctor wants to put me on either Methotrexate or Imuran. My lab results will be back next week and based on those, he will recommend which one of these meds I should be taking. Those of you who are on these, can you tell me about the side effects? I am really worried about weight gain (had enough of it while I was on steroids).

Thank you!

I’ve been on Immuran for a couple of years and it has been a life saver. I take plaquenil and prednisone too. The proper combination made me feel like I did not have Lupus. I experienced no side effects from the Immuran and I was able to taper the prednisone from 15 mg to 8 mg. a friend of mine takes methotrexate for RA and reports terrible nausea with it. Good luck.

I first tried methotrexate but my body don’t seem to like it. It made me feel nauseous, I wouldn’t eat, lost 20 lbs, I could barely move and ended up in the hospital with 103 fevers and it started to affect my liver. The recovery took a few months but I didn’t have any lasting negative effects from it. I’m currently on imuran and have been on it for almost a year. I haven’t found it to help that much. The lowest I’ve been able to get down on the prednisone is 8mg and if I can’t get off the prednisone, I don’t consider the med a success. I’m currently in the process of switching to either this drug trial medication called Acthar or just going ahead with benlysta. I’ve heard people have had luck with methotrexate and imuran. Everyone’s body reacts differently. Good luck!

I am currently on prednisone, methotrexate, and Imuran. The methotrexate did not make me sick at all when I began taking it, but it does make my ability to eat unpredictable. Sometimes I'm not hungry when I should be, and sometimes even if I'm hungry, I can barely eat anything. However, most of the time I can eat okay. Beyond that, I didn't have any side-effects from it.

The Imuran has been a little more difficult on me, I guess. I was taking it in the morning, and I was getting nauseated on some mornings, but not others. I finally figured out that anything sweet for breakfast set off the nausea. Since a lot of breakfast foods are sweet, I opted to move my dose to the evening, after dinner or before bed. That has worked a charm and negated the nausea. (I have no idea why sweet things triggered that response, but oh well.)

The other side-effect I might be dealing with is exhaustion. I've been taking naps almost daily since starting the Imuran about three months ago, and when I mentioned it to my rheumy yesterday, he said it could be me or it could be the meds. A friend of mine who had breast cancer also mentioned to me that the chemo drugs could be wearing me out.

So that's my experience thus far! Hope it goes well for you hon. ::hugs:: Good luck!

I am on a high dose of Imuran and low dose of prednisone. Have been for ten + years. No side effects - consider it to be life saving!

I have no side effects from the methotrexate. However,each time I tried Imuran I ran a fever so am off it. I take 6mg of prednisone each day and plaquenil as well.

I have been on methotrexate for months without problems.

Be careful with Imuran… It can significantly
lower your immune system & blood count.
I was on it for 9 mths & stayed sick with
infections & more.

Thank you so much for your replies!!! I will find out on Tuesday which medication my dr recommends.

Thanks again :)