Life With Lupus

Meltdown time


So for those remember sweetshortie2012 that was me. For those that dont. I am Mary. I am happily married (june 2016) and we have 2 puppies. I came back to this site because you guys understand what its like not getting Answers.
In 6 weeks ive had a 3 wk period constant cramping then nausea amd vomiting with abdominal pain. Then theres heart prosb and chest pain. Amd i lost 6lbs in a week.

I get tolds yes its lupus then no its a mix of a few disorders. But i have all 11 symptoms.

Im beginning to struggle and keep fighting to stay strong.

Thoghts as to whats going on?
Thoughts for the days i want to give up?


Hello there.
Patients with lupus, diagnosed or not, all go through rough days. If you are feeling like that, see a RHEUMATOLOGIST who is the specialist for treating lupus. Symptoms of Lupus also mimic fybromialgia, another autoimmune disease. Please ask him to test for both because the sooner you get your symptoms under some control, the sooner you will feel better. Don’t despair!


Sweetshortie, I agree with borealis. If you’ve been prescribed plaquenil, it sounds like you have a rheumatologist, as PCPs don’t usually prescribe that drug. But you still sound confused. You need a bit more certainty than you appear to have, in order to come to grips and cope with your condition.
My litmus test for a doctor is this: when you get back into the car after the appointment (whether you like what they said or not, whether you liked their manner or not) do you think “OK, I understand what they said and what they said makes sense to me” ? It doesn’t sound as if you’re to that stage yet.

My thought is: you need to find yourself a lupus specialist, as it sounds as if that’s the most likely “suspect”. As for days when you want to give up, come here and let it all hang out. Talk about puppies and pain and whatever … misery loves company and this community is full of great people.

Seenie from Moderator support


But half the time he doesnt take me seriously because im so young. Im dx with chronic migraine, fibro, neuropathy, ist, angina, ra, carpal tunnel, ibs, acid reflux, raynauds, the list goes on…
Ive done the does it make sense thinking before and my answer is often no because i dont even have half the symptoms of what he wants to dx me with and it doesnt explain over half the other symptoms i do have.


Hello everyone I am a lupus patient I.just moved into the area I haven’t been able to go to a doctor yet in the meantime I have been in so much pain and sometime wish I could just die, I’m pain as I’m typing I need this site to continue the support!


Sounds like it’s time to search for another doctor!


I must say, I’m with you, Borealis. Sweetshortie, having a list of so many miscellaneous ailments, someone needs to consider whether they might all be related. You have a hunch, and nobody knows your body like you do.

Have you considered a change of doc yet?



I’ve used every rheumatologist in my area.