ive been in so much pain this past week. I normally have a few days a week that the pain is tolerable. So my Dr gave me a Medrol package for 6 days. Has anyone tried this before? I need some relief soon.


I have used the Medrol dose pack several times and so has my daughter, who also has Lupus. My daughter always gets relief when she uses one, I get relief most of the time. You should notice a difference in one to two days.

You may notice an increase in energy (nothing wrong with that! :) and feel a bit more hungry.

They steroids in the Medrol dose pack are the reason they are used sparingly but your doctor will take care of how often he allows you to use them and only allow them when necessary. Take them as directed and if you miss a dose, don't skip it, take it right away.

Good Luck, I hope you feel better soon!

Cathy in MD

Thanks Cathy for the info I could use some energy that’s for sure. The fatigue is probably my biggest complaint well now the pain is my complaint lol

Medrol dose paks are great for giving quick relief, you start at a higher dose and are tapered down a little every day you'll start feeling better by the 2nd day.