Medical marijuana?

I’m just wondering if anyone has been prescribed medicinal marijuana and if it helps? It’s on the ballot in multiple states this year and just curious if anyone had seen positive results? If so, please elaborate. Even if you self medicate unprescribed, has it been helpful?

Hi kelly, I self medicate, for me the marijuana helps to calm my agitation and stress, alleviates some of the pain from fibro and sle. Helps my insomnia on nights I cant sleep, and munchies on days I have no appetite. since self medicating im not taking the usual 25 medications that was prescribed from my rheumy, pain mgmt, pulmo, cardio and nephrologist. For me agitation an stress puts in a flare, and the pain is so excruciating that it took 5 blood pressure meds to control the bp.. Since marijuana was reintroduced to me in 2012 im down to 1 bp meds, no ambien and the others on a as needed basis. I love it because it is an herb and it works. I taking other herbal remedies to help eliminate the prescription meds, because the side effects is worser then what the problem really is.

i self medicate, and it helps me out alot. some days ago i had the worse flare ever

so much i screamed and cried. once i put ice on my leg, it calmed a lil, however when i

smoked, ten mins. later i could step down on my leg without any problems. im not asking

for my doctor to help on that, but it would be helpful, so i dont feel bad about buying it.

Marijuana was suggested to me last Sunday. I spent the last two weekends helping some friends move to a new house (I know, not smart). I was in so much pain, I was near tears. Just a little helped so much, I am considering asking my doctor for it. It is on the ballot this November. It helped me sleep too.

I agree w all comments. I have a legal card n it gets delivered to my home. I was in so much pain last night and took muscle relaxer that did n nothing. Took two hits n the pain was manageable my body relaxed n I slept like a baby

I am in so much pain (or extremely nauseous) the majority of time that sometimes getting out of bed is difficult. However, if I take 2 hits & hop on my yoga mat first thing, my days are much much more productive because the pain is seemingly gone or at least manageable.

I live in Jersey, I’d have to be 1/2 dead to get approved. We have toughest ccriteria. I don’t get it. It works. Side effects minimal. Side effects actually beneficial.

I agree with all comments as well, Ive smoked when i was in pain and it helped a lot and it also does help with sleep. I'm just scared to go to my doctor about it. Does anyone know how to approach the doctor with this?

If it weren't for smoking the pot a little during the evening, I would probably eat nothing at all. I have already lost 25 pounds since early May on what I am calling the Lupus diet. And it does help me relax and not be so stressed out about everything. Thankfully I am in WA state so it is legal here now. I think when we are having a bad flare up I know I would try just about anything!

Don’t be scared to tell your doctor. If you are smoking on a regular basis for pain they may need to alter your meds. It does help with pain but sometimes gives me a worse headache. Sleep is better. I had no issues w telling my dr I tried it a couple times. He wasn’t against it but nor was he for it.

I self medicate with it and it helps to relax my muscles and it keeps me from biting someone's head off. lol But seriously it does help with the appetite and nausea. I have to quit smoking smoking in a day or two because Pain Management put me on pain meds until they do he Rhizotomy on my back which will probably be in August. Im only going to quit for 3 months right now until everything is done. I need to be on these pain meds right now because my back is shot all to hell, but I don't really like taking them, because they do kinda create a problem for me with my history of substance abuse. When I was getting them before they passed The Pill Mill laws I was trading them for cocaine, clean since Nov 2008. It scares me that I could fall back into that. Im really uncomfortable about having them in my home because people will kill you nowadays trying to get drugs. And people who know you have them just aggravate you to death wanting to buy them. But anyways I don't see anything wrong with smoking wait. I have tried what was called Medical marijuana and it worked quite well. I can't wait for them to legalize here in Ky. As far talking to my Dr about my use I don't because my primary doesn't understand my pain level, she cut open, drained, and pack 3 out of 5 boils (MRSA) without giving me anything. If anybody knows anything about those then they know how bad they hurt. My primary does not understand that when I say I am in pain I am in excruiating pain thats making me cry and putting me in the bed. She just looks at me like I am exaggerating and it just eats me up.

Hi Kelly,

I also self medicate. I posted a discussion title "being honest with the Dr' I invite you to read it, maybe it will help answer your questions at least a little. I know that some Drs can be very touchy about the topic because regardless of what states it is legal in, it is still "federally" illegal. Even before it became legal in Colo, I had been trying to get my drs to understand that it helped with my seizures. It never made a difference with them of course, they didnt think that it was possible that smoking marijuana would make a difference. Even still i was honest about it. I do know that some Drs, are totally against it, I pray that yours is one with understanding and an open mind.

Also, Since it has become legal, more and more products are coming out on the market. Oils (which you cane smoke in a "pen" device, they are battery operated and are rechargeable), Edibles, which range from chocolate bars, and suckers to teas and sodas. All medicated with different strengths of thc. There are tinctures (made with vegetable glycerin and thc) which you use a dropper and put under your tongue. There are so many options for people that do not want to "smoke" or who do not want the "high" that comes with smoking marijuana, but want the pain, nausea etc. to go away. I am, by no means, "cured" and I still have to take my regular meds, but it helps me be able to eat a little (when I usually can not) and not throw it all back up, it helps my body relax enough to be able to fall asleep. For me, it has all been worth it. I am lucky in that I have a great Dispensary (pharmacy for marijuana), the owners truly care about their patients, they make a effort to try and find what works best for each persons ailments. They are constantly bringing me new oils to try, or a new strain of weed to smoke. Some strains are good for my nausea, but I cant function, while some are better for muscle relaxer but wont knock you out. I find that the oils work good for me at night because it is a higher concentrated form of thc, and it puts me to sleep. I use it in a vaporizer pen (the best way to explain them is like the new e-cig pens, that use the flavored oils). Anways, Im sorry to ramble, I hope that I could give you the info you were hoping for.