May is Lupus Awareness Month!

Not only is May recognized as Lupus Awareness Month, but May 10 is also known as Lupus Awareness Day worldwide.

What can you do to help raise awareness?

1. Help spread the word through your friends. Email them a link to this site and ask them to spread as well.

2. Share this information through your social network.

3. Join a community activity that spreads awareness about Lupus near you, if there is one.

Any other ideas out there?

You may copy and paste this message to email your friends:

I am writing you this because you are my friend and I can count on you.

May is Lupus Awareness Month and, as you know, I am battling this illness. This note is my way of spreading awareness to help push for more research and resources to fight Lupus. You can learn more about this disease by following this link:

Would you spread that link around through your network as well?

Your friend,

Sure will. This is important for everyone to take part in.

My family, my fiance, my 9 year old son, and I took part in the Tampa 2013 Walk to End Lupus Now. We raised $1000 and had an amazing time. I actually finished the walk (my personal goal)! It was wonderful to see all the people walking, over 1000 walkers. I have never seen so much purple in my life! My son wore his medal and purple bracelet to school the next day. He gave his bracelet to his best friend at school. He makes me so proud!

I was disappointed that there was no news coverage of the event. I expected to see at least Bay News 9 there. Why aren't good things reported?



How did I miss that? I'm in Tampa. Very frustrating!

There was very little publicity about it. We found it on the Lupus Foundation of America site. For instance, since May 10th is Lupus Awareness Day Worldwide, there is a global map of all the celebrations in the world. Suntrust of Tampa is going to light their building purple in awareness of Lupus. Pretty cool I think!

dancermom said:

How did I miss that? I'm in Tampa. Very frustrating!