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Mass found in my lung


Sorry I don’t really know how this works. This is my first time writing my own message and don’t really know how to start off.
Well I went to a new rheumy last week because I just moved from New York to texas and needed a new doctor. She ran the usual blood test, got my past records and ordered a chest X-ray because I’ve been having problems with my heart.
When I went back for the results she kept talking about the blood work like nothing just saying oh you have the usual and your lupus isn’t being controlled well enough with the meds you were on.
But I have something else I need to tell you. We found a mass in your lung. Right under your first rib and it’s pretty big. We have to run ct scan and see what it looks like.

And then she left it at that. I’m home now and I can’t stop thinking about it. I froze after she said it and didn’t even ask any questions but I feel like she didn’t really tell me what to do either so I’m so lost and confused and worried and I just don’t know what to do next…


Did the doctors office order the CT scan for you? If not I would call them on Friday and get them moving. I would also tell them that you want to make a follow up appointment after the scan because now you have questions since you were in shock at the first visit. I had a doctor do the same thing to me about a different issue and went back and still not satisfied so seeing a different doctor. I no longer put up with doctors that are not helpful or are arrogant.


I'm sorry to hear you didn't get many more answers! Will definitely pray that the scan goes well for you. When is the scan?


I finally scheduled it for the 4th. I feel like I don’t even want to go sometimes. It’s just like, what else can they find? I’m just venting, sorry.


They are doing a ct scan to see better what it might be. A mass can be a cyst, fluid filled or solid. Can be something that just goes away. Can be benign even if it were a tumor. We hear the word mass and think that’s cancer. Not necessarily True at all! With lupus lots of inflammation occurs. I have a “mass” in both breast which turned out to be solid but only due to inflamed lymph nodes. Don’t have to do anything. So don’t panic. Just do the next test. Don’t buy into trouble just yet. We get lots of weird things that happen to us which really don’t amount to much due to inflammation from lupus. Enjoy Thanksgiving and let it all play out.


Sorry to hear about this discovery by your doctor. This is always scary news to hear, especially when you have to wait for catscan and whatever else to find out what is wrong. But I can tell you I was diagnosed with lymphoma marginal B cell lung cancer a couple years ago and defeated it completely with six months of chemo. It has not returned thankfully. The chemo was not so horrible, either. It took about four hours each time, and I did the chemo once every two weeks. It involved four drugs, the names of which I can't recall. I had no bad side effects, mainly just fatigue and a little upset stomach. It was nothing you can't tolerate, and it did the job. Hopefully, you will only have something benign on your lung. I wish you luck. I know it is not easy, but you must try to relax and not worry. Let your doctors take care of you.

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I am sorry you got this scary news. It may be benign. I have two masses in my lungs that ended up being granulomas. They are scar tissue from past infections. That might be what you have too. I will think good thoughts for you.


I will also send you white healing light :heart:️:heart:️


Write down questions about the mass call your doctor for a follow up app to discuss her findings. Get all the answers and questions out during the visit. Don’t be afraid to ask for literature.


I think all drs give you results. They give you just enough to think about. I was diagnosed with SLe ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO. I just started going to a pulmonary for the cough I have had since April. He wanted a high resolution ct scan. I went last week and my PCP told me I have Interstitial lung disease. Its Lupus related She said probably the pulmon will want a biopsy. I have never smoked. I am so weak. I can barely accomplish anything. I am so glad I have a great husband. He does laundry, dishes and floors. If he didn't those things wouldn't get done. He still works full time and he's 74. My blood work is all messed up also my Potassium is low and white count high so sh'e trying to get those things back in balance. Keep us posted. If nothing else this is a gret place to vent.



Hi. I am new to this, too. I mean the site. I was diagnosed march 2013 with lupus but have had RA and cancer. It took four months for plaquenil to kick in. I have interstitial lung disease for three and half years. First noticed it four months into metodextrate. So lung doc took me off of it. Then started Imuran n steroids . After chemo, lungs much worse. (Endometrial cancer). Oxygen24/7. Anyway point is it is scar tissue of lungs. X -rays look like pneumonia. They, rhuemy, say its from lupus. But pulmonary doc thought it was from methodextrate. It’s horrible, but just think it can confuse x-rays. Does that make sense.? I have found I have to fight for information and treatment. My rheumy said she would like me as a friend but not as a patient because I have too much wrong. I M in the process of switching! Don’t worry yet. X-rays can b misleading(even ct scans)


All CT scans are not same I guess. I had a high resolution CT scan which showed the interstitial lung disease. My PCP said a biopsy is probably going to be my pulmon dr next plan. she mentioned connective tissue disease. I don't have RA or actually don't hae much pain at all. , just osteoporosis in my L wrist.

Take care everyone.



How are you, Emaleigh? Did you get answers? Thinking of you and hoping all is well.