Major setback

So I had cytoxin last Tuesday Thursday morning i had a temp of 99.6, thats enough to make me feel fever symptoms. An hour later is was100.1 and climbing so I called my rhuemy and left a message.....she called back a little later and decided to put me on augmentin because it fights viral and bacterial infections just incase and id have to go to the ER if it went back up to 100...Thankfully with lots of ibuprofen my temp hasn't gone past, 99.6 the past several days but my body is suffering!! All my joints that have serious injuries are sooooooo painful!! and of course my liver is banging like a drum and I feel a lung episode coming on :( i was just jumping for joy a few weeks ago about how amazing the fentanyl patches were and I really did have hope to start walking and regaining some independence.. I feel my first chemo last month went okay considering the circumstance....i guess I should be used to a major setback in my conditions by now but I still get so excited the very short times im not in total driest , I forget in those moments how bad off I am... I finally have to retire my cane for a walker , I feel the same bone contusion condition that's on my left knee has begun in the right.... 2 bad hip and knees equal a walker and a wheelchair:/ fortunately I can rest a lot and hopefull I'll get better not worse quickly.... well next week I'll see my orthopedic on Monday and rheumatologist on Tuesday so I'm sure I'll have more to share then:)

The cytoxan can take a few months to work so give it time. I flared very badly after my first dose of it but by month three I was feeling much better. My current rheumy won’t use it and put me on rituxan instead. Ended up back on prednisone to control the flare that resulted from that. I hope the cytoxan kicks in for you soon. Has your ortho talked about total knee replacements or surgery? I wish you lots of luck.

I didn't have any luck with rituxan and also had high temps with Imuran. Good luck with the Cytoxan! Hope things get better soon!

I get the Cytoxan too. It took about 4 infusions before I noticed a difference. I too got the fevers after my first two infusions but after that just got the bad nausea. I usually feel like crap for a week after each infusion then I have three good weeks. This is worth it for me. So, stick with it and don’t give up just yet. Hopefully it will work the next round. Hugs-Tina

hang in there.....sending prayers and hugs.....

Thanks my friends for your support:) im back on crutches bone contusions"condition" in my knees definitely been upset within the past week , I'm taking it easy xoxo