Major hand issues

For a few weeks now I have been having the feeling of many small needles being stabbed into my hands (similar to lancing for a glucose test) ranging from my fingertips to the joints to my palm. All this is on the skin on the inside of the hand and is made much worse when I clasp my hand or touch something. I spent 10 hours in the ER one night because it got so bad and was alternating with numbness (I could touch a burning cigarette and wouldn’t feel it). They ran the usual full metabolic panel, glucose, and did a physical evaluation. The doctor barely tapped my finger and it felt like he had shoved an IV needle into my finger. All in all I left with a diagnosis of “paresthesia due to stress”. It had only been a moderately stressful day that day and it was one of the worst. Anybody else experience this or know what might be going on???

Hello Jason,

This issue your having maybe what the consultant said "Paresthesia" plus Raynauds which i have and i get these issues besides ontop of the skin underneath also besides MS and your looking at a large range of issues which maybe the cause but i think you'll find this link interesting.

Terri :)


It’s interesting you mentioned Raynauds because I have had 1 doctor mention it but nothing more than mention it.

Hi Jason,

With Lupus or any autoimmune disease...half the time it's followed by Raynauds and it also being an A1 Disease like Lupus etc...alot of issues come with it, it really does sound Raynauds connected to me, your rheumo should be able to tell you if your with one.

Why not join the Raynauds group on the main page as that explains a good many issues also :)

sounds like raynauds to me. Does anything stop the tingling? Maybe running fingers over hot water?

I've been getting that in my feet!

My Dr said today that it may be neuropathyneuropathy from the medicine if you are on plaquenil.