Hi everyone. I just had a quick question. My Dr prescribed Lyrica for my pain/neuropathy (as I already take max dose of gabapentin with continued neuropathy). Her script reads: take one pill up to three times daily AS NEEDED for pain. I’ve tried to do a little research already, but even from the commercials I was thinking you need to take it scheduled and regularly to get results. I’m thinking with that Rx, if it works and I start feeling better, I’d take it less or not at all? As opposed to regularly scheduled intervals. I’m just curious about what others who take it think. THANKS EVERYONE!

I took Lyrica for about 6 months or so. I found that it did work for me. The only problem I had with it was it made me gain weight and sometimes it gave me stomach pains. When I increased the dose I had to stop taking it all together. I got stomach ulcers which were so painful. I suggest try it out and see if it works for you.

As I understand they are one in the same. Also if you do take it…too much will leave you out of it. Start way small doses and build up or you may get discouraged like many people do with this drug.

I switched from neurontin to lyrica. My rheumie has me at 50 mg twice daily to start.

Lyrica and Gabapentin have very similar ingredients I think. Also, you are supposed to take Lyrics regularly and not on and off because it is an anti seizure drug. Not taking it at least twice daily to keep it circulating in your system could cause seizures. It was helpful for me with pain and numbness though made me sleepy and caused weight gain.

Ditto. To get the desired effect you need to take daily not just “as needed”.

I am currently taking 150 mg twice a day, major weight gain and it’s not touching my pain, but like all meds, it works differently for different people, good luck honey!!

I have taken both. I use to take 1200mg of Gababpentin and I took Lyrica in the AM and PM. I did well.

Lyrica helped my pain in feet and hands dr. Said take morning and evening didn’t say I could take as needed

When I took it it was on a regular basis, at least 2x a day, it did help some however if you are prone to depression this medication can make it worse, I also gained weight and it also destroyed my platelet counts, it works differently for everyone, this is just my experience, I quit taking it the side effects just weren't worth the small amount of relief I got from it.

Kelly, I take 300 mg of Lyrica per day; one 100 mg capsule three times per day for my neuropathy. I was using gabapentin/Neurontin and my doctor changed me to Lyrica because he felt it was a better drug to address the Neuropathy. My Rx was to take it following a regularly scheduled regimen like you suggest, not if I felt like it was working or not. So I take it around the clock on a scheduled basis. Unfortunately, none of it, the gabapentin or the Lyrica has helped much with the neuropathy in my feet. Anyway, just though I would share what I was told and how I take it. Steve

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I feel so much better about all lupus issues being able to ask others and have such amazing responses. This site helps so much!

Dear all, need your kind advices. I'm on both Plaquenil for lupus and Lyrica, for my facial nerve pain. I'm 34 years old this year and planning to try for my first baby. I'm not getting confident answers from my doctors about Lyrica side effects, which I understand. Just wondering if there are others out there who have conceived and safely delivered while on Lyrica. Thank you for your time and advices. Take care!