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Lymph nodes


I have recently had a sonogram done that has revealed 8 swollen lymph nodes under my jaw and collar bone. Has anyone here ever had a issue with lymph nodes swelling? If so what did they feel like and did they ever go down. Im still in the process of a autoimmune diagnoses but i loose alot of sleep at night worrying. Dr says he does not believe this is cancer related at all.


I have constantly swollen glands around my jaw area, it is probably from Sjogren’s, and mine are salivary glands, and lymph. I had this in college a lot, which I now think was lupus attacks(I’m 64 now.) Mine no longer hurt, but they used to ache.
my friend had an MRI for back surgery, and all her lymph nodes lit up. They told her it was probably cancer, but it turned out she has sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease. It may be a lot of things. Don’t assume it’s cancer unless they are sure. I hope they give it the right name soon, and not cancer. The not knowing is the worst.


I have hypothyroidism( under active thyroid ) and I was told I had large swollen lymph nodes when I went to my Internal medicine doctor, and they did a sonogram. She sent me to a specialist for thyroid and the specialist did a sonogram and said they weren't that large and she did not think they was cancerous. I have been taking levothyroxine 175 mg for a long time and I got a good report. I see the specialist again December 10th. I worried too but I'm ok now. Keep the faith and see a specialist if you can. I feel so much better with my second opinion.


Yes, this happens to me occasionally…but used to be more. For me its the knock on the door that a flare is beginning. But as long as I dont miss does of plaq and anti inflammatory, its not so often. Eventually goes away.


Mine go up and down in the same area depending on my health.


well i never heard of lupus causing lymph nodes to be swollen, but llupus can cause just about anything so i am not too surprised by this, and i would not worry about cancer, it is just another joyful attack of lupus.....i would have him check your sed rate, you might be having a flare up.....purrs..catspaw1955


If you’re worried, please get a second opinion. Sjogrens patients (often comorbid with lupus) are at hugely increased risk for lymphoma. SjS is hard to diagnose, so at the least I would probably ask to be monitored, just to be sure it’s not just a slight chronic infection from a tanked immune system, or something else simple. When docs hear hoof beats they think horses, but sometimes it’s really a zebra, or even a unicorn. :slight_smile:

Ellen Schnakenberg


my former rheumy dismissed the swollen lymph nodes as just caused by the lupus, I suspect now that I've developed Sjorgrens on top of everything else with the really bad dry skin, eyes, mouth sores and sometimes the itching just about makes me crazy, when I mentioned it to the rheumy it thought it was medication related, well I quit the meds 2 years ago and am going back to rheumy in a few weeks, I still get the swollen glands the ones under my arms hurt the most I guess I should mention it to the new doc. Thank you for sharing the info


This lupus site has a sister site for people with Sjogren’s Syndrome
For those who want to know more.


its really unnerving to read the discussions and see some of the same problems I have it seems its an awful lot like lupus no wonder all this is so hard to treat. thank you for the info

Jane Schuler said:

This lupus site has a sister site for people with Sjogren's Syndrome
For those who want to know more.


I have tested where lymph is swollen all over my body in my groin (looks like a honey comb the amount that’s there. They are doing a biopsy on me again today to test for non hodgkins lymphoma. In other response I’ve had a family member whose about 5 lymph was swollen and she got it tested and it was normal I hope ur getting yours tested to be on the safe side.


Tamara i pray all test are cancer free. Please keep us posted.


For those that wonder, yes Lupus can cause inflamed lymph nodes and lymphatic system. Your rheumy should be consulted.