Lupus symptom?

I have started having cold hands and feet at night. I almost always symptoms are either Lupus or Diabetes related for me. I know cold hands and feet could be related to circulation issues, from Diabetes. However, does anyone else ever experience cold hands and feet and have you been told it could be Lupus related. My rheumy mentioned the possibility of Raynaud's. It's just really weird. It's July and it is currently in the high 80's where I live, but I have to wear socks to bed, because my feet are like ice. My hands don't seem to be quite as cold as my feet, but I when I get into bed, I pull the covers up over my hands, too. Thanks in advance, for tips and info.

Hello jdt,

Your rheumo is correct where Raynauds is need to see a Dermo to get this confirmed and you also need to get tested for nerve damage besides as this does cause and extra issue with it.

Like yourself it's in the 80's here and i have a 15tog duvet on the bed, socks on and somedays swapping to thermals and i have to type in gloves.

If you join the raynauds group on the main page...there's links besides discussions which will help you a great deal.

Terri :)

Thank you so much!

Your welcome and although i'm not a doctor to diagnose...i'd purely say it's raynauds having it myself bad besides scleroderma :)

jdt said:

Thank you so much!