Lupus rash/ GeRD

2 things- anyone only get a lupus rash when they cry?

and anyone else here have bad Gastritis or GERD due to lupus?

Horrible heartburn. So I completely changed to an alkaline diet. Much better now.

yes, and it seems the healthier i eat the worse it is, can win for losing. I have ibs and it is awful you literally have to plan your life around it like everything else. my stomach is constantly bloated and i vomit a lot when i get these attacks. Had my gallbladder out, didnt help. tried different approaches to eating didnt help, sometimes it is just really bad and then sometimes i can go a while and not have any problems at all but that is not very often.

also, this is so weird, i cry all the time but i had rashes to come up this winter under my eye it stayed there a couple of weeks, i did not have any dry skin anywhere else, just redness, then my eye cleared up but turned black so now i have black under that eye-it looks awful-cant cover it with make up it is so dark