Life With Lupus

Lupus Fact Images For May!


I made up 27 images with facts on them to share this month with my friends and family on social media. It isn't much, but I thought I'd share them here too, in case anyone else wants to save and use them at any point! I'll post one each day. With each one I plan on adding a little extra note of my own about my personal experience or thought on it. That way the image stays easy to use for anyone, but my friends and family get a little more insight into what it's like for me. I won't be including those here. And in case anyone was wondering, the little dragon is my own art!

Here is today's image!


Talencia, thank you so much for doing this, it’s wonderful! And you’re not only a writer, but an artist. I love the Lupus dragon.


I love it !


This is a great idea Talencia! I love your dragon. I look forward to seeing more.


Thanks y'all! Here is day two!


Great idea, adorable dragon.


Day 3... I included a brief note about which of these I experience.


These are great Talencia, I will continue to look forward to the new ones each day.


I love these! I’m sharing them on my social media too!


Day 4! I'm glad y'all are able to get some use out of them! ::cheers::


Day 5


Day 6. I described my own experience with a malar rash, and explained a little bit about how bad malar rashes can become.


Day 7. I included a little bit more of info about the different types and indicated which kind I myself have.


Thanks, Tal!


Thank you so much for sharing these!

Cathy In MD


Day 8. I included some info about seronegative Lupies (of which I am one).


What a great idea and how creative you are. Many have asked me about this disease but I've felt limited on how to explain it. I want to use your idea and creative talent to help educate those on my FB page.


This is a great idea to bring awareness to our families and friends and those who have no idea what LUPUS even is like me until I was diagnosed I was completely unaware Thank You.


I am happy that folks can use the images to help their friends and family get a glimpse and a beginning understanding of Lupus! I did my best to keep it reasonably up-beat and appealing. I didn't want this month to be filled with unhappy information, as unhappy as this disease really is. I've found that scary information tends to discourage loved ones from looking any further. This is also why I left certain things for myself to add, mostly about my personal experience with the disease. It allowed me to sneak in the less pleasant information in without it being the utter focus of the post.

I imagine there was/will be more I could have done than those I have, but it was an emotional strain to find that balance between fact and pleasantness. I figured 27 images was good enough, and that it was counter-productive to upset myself by forcing a full 31. After I have them all posted, I may ask for suggestions to round out the number to the full month, but for now, I am content.


What a wonderful idea!