Lupus and Weight Loss Supplements

I plan to talk to my rheumatologist about this, but I wanted to see if any of you have tried weight loss supplements after being dx with lupus? I was dx with lupus last year and was dx with ulcerative colitis 3 years prior to that.

After 2 1/2 years of almost constant prednisone use, my GI doc put me on remicaid which was my salvation from my colitis symptoms. I didn't realize how poor my quality of life had gotten until I actually had my colitits under control. A short 6 months later, I was experiencing swelling, joint pain, and lethargy. After my labs came back, it was clear I had lupus. And, that possibly, it was remicaid-induced lupus... Of course, to maintain the lupus symptoms, they put me back on prednisone. Since then, my heumatologist wanted me off of remicaid and my GI agreed so I discontinued the remicaid infusions in November. Two months ago, I had severe pericarditis and so much fluid around the sac in my heart that they kept me in the hospital-more prednisone. Also, with the stopping of the remicaid my colitis symptoms are back in action.

So, in the last 4 years, I have gained almost 85lbs. While I can't blame it all on the steroids, it sure played a significant role. I have tried increasing physical activity and working on portion control, but my will power is almost non-existent. I would like to get a jump start back into healthy living. (Before my colitis dx, I played volleyball 3-5 times a week, worked out 2-3 times a week, and played basketball) I know I will never be able to maintain that level of physical activity, but I would like to have enough energy to go and walk/jog 4-5 times a week.

I have been discussing Advocare with a friend. I know there are claims that it will heal certain health problems. I don't believe that for a second. But, if it could suppress my appetite and give me a little energy, maybe it could help me lose a few of these pounds.

i bought advocare and 3/4 of it is sitting in my pantry. it does not work and i can tell you this if you have stomach issues you will be in real trouble because it tore my stomach to pieces, it like some of the others where it cleans you out real good, lots of diarrhea, stomach cramps, im sure it would work if you could take the side effects. i did not have any more energy and i lost no weight, no, i did not follow thru, i tried it for about 3 weeks and couldnt take it anymore, i was already sick as it was i didnt need that extra pain and sickness, not to mention the cost, i think i spent close to 200 dollars (makes me sick !! )

i am doing weight watchers and i really like it, i do it online only i do not go to meetings, that is just not my thing, i just started but i have done it before and lost and you can eat lots of yummy foods, it is like 19.oo a month i think and right now you can sign up for free i think

Thanks, Kel. Did you do the cleanse or the pill packs, just curious? I know I would not do the cleanse given my stomach issues.

I eat chocolate flavored Raw Meal twice a day instead of regular meals. I mix half a serving with some low calorie soy or almond milk and half a banana and ice in my nutribullet. It is very satisfying and causes no stomach issues. After a couple weeks, I actually starting craving it. It is very good for you too.
All of my weight issues seem to come from swelling and inflammation, and this doesn’t cause me any problems.

they are at the top of the pantry and i cant get up there but i am pretty sure i did both, i bought everything, the energy powders drinks, did the shakes, everything.

Bethala55 said:

Thanks, Kel. Did you do the cleanse or the pill packs, just curious? I know I would not do the cleanse given my stomach issues.

Hi Kel, for some reason I can’t reply to your message in my inbox. Here is your answer:

Raw Meal is a raw meal replacement. You can get it at health food stores, whole foods, or online. My regular grocery store has a big supplement aisle and I get mine there. It is made by Garden of Life.


Be very careful with diet aids. Many contain stimulants which can raise blood pressure. Only recently I learned of the connection between elevated BP and kidney disease.

Per my docs orders I went gluten-limited (almost -free) 6 months ago and have lost 40 lbs. I think the reason is that many items that I have replaced are naturally low in fat and high in protein. Protein are the building blocks of the body and as is well documented protein shakes can give you that burst of energy. Don't forget to take your vitamins as well.

Many lupus sufferers also have or are on the verge of anemia which is incredibly tiring as well as a low amount of B-12. B-12 is easy to find at virtually any store and I use the ones that melt under your tongue so that it immediately hits my blood stream.

Start you exercising slowly and in a very short time I bet you have more energy than you thought you could.

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