Lupus and viral infections, any connection?

I know they seem to have found a genetic predisposition in some families for autoimmune disease, even if it manifests differently in various family members.

Now, I am wondering, does anyone know if common viral infections could help lupus to manifest if you are predisposed. I have a list, including H. simplex contracted as an adult when taking care of my kids who caught it from some friends, chicken pox and full blown mumps as a child, mono as a teen, and the usual like colds and flus, plus a case of innoculus german measles after first child was born.. (No HPV, but my mother didn't have it either, so at one time we both could donate blood for newborns.)

Just wondering if there's a known connection, since my simplex is rearing it's ugly head, been under more than my fair share of stress. My lupus nose and mouth sores are with me too.

Headed now to put on soft music and do some relaxation exercises. Damage control!

There was recently a discussion about having viral meningitis as a trigger for getting lupus. Couldn't find it tho.

The discussion USAGURL might be talking about is :

could meningitis have caused all this??

It was started by me, natestiredmom.

I had viral meningitis about 4 years ago and my health took a downward spiral afterwards. I contracted Epstein Barr (mono) for the first time ever at age 39! Then I started with the joint pain and eventually referred to a rheumy who will only commit to "inflammatory arthritis" as a diagnosis. Now I'm dealing with Fibro as well. I hope reading the above discussion gives you some insight. :)

Thanks USAGIRL and Nates tired MOM. Am going to read the thread now. Thanks for the pointers to get me there. love and hugs

My doctor, who is amazing, has told me that there are tons of things that could cause lupus to raise its ugly head. Anything from an acute illness, an injury or even just a super stressful time in your life. Over the years I have known people who have fit every one of those scenarios. Anyone with an autoimmune disorder will tell you that stress (physical or emotional) is the worst thing for us so it makes sense. Looking back extensively in my medical history and talking to my parents about my childhood and things my doctor thinks I was actually sick for a very long time but it was just bubbling at the surface, it wasn’t until I got a massive infection in my kidneys that my symptoms really started to show up. Like my doctor says, so much about these illnesses are unknown at this point that anything could be true.

Thanks Doll. I agree stress is a super huge contributor to any chronic illness all the way around. And I sure led a very stressful live for many years. Like you, when I look back knowing much more now than before, my own autoimmune issues were with me far before anyone even ran that first positive ANA lab. And stress brings on flares, was coming off one then the last month life happened, and here I go again. My primary is pushing me to get the shingles and pneumonia vaccinations, um NO!

Thanks for responding, glad you have a great doctor to work with you as part of your life despite lupus team.