Life With Lupus

Lupus and Pneumonia


I have been hospitalized for pneumonia in the last week. I was taken to the ER and given IV antibiotics. The weather here in TX has been very strange---fluctuations of 50 degrees and more within a day. I had a pneumonia shot three years ago---which makes no sense. I am so weak now that all I can do is rest in bed and sleep. It seemed to come on pretty fast. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. LupanCatwoman


I don't have advice for you, Lupancatwoman, but I wanted to send my good wishes that you recover quickly from pneumonia and can return home soon.


The pneumonia shot is only against pneumococcus- there are a bazillion other viruses/germs that can also cause pneumonia It does leave you feeling very weak for a long time too Glad you are out of the hospital


I pray for a speedy recovery...............Get Well Soon!!


The weather this year is very different I am in California we have had a mild winter but I think summer will be very hot. I am sensitive to weather changes. I do hope you are feeling better very soon .


I am in North Carolina and it can be 50 one day and 11 the next. I think that Lupus makes it easier to get pneumonia, I have had it several times myself.


Sorry I don't have any advice either. I do want to wish you the best though and hope you will be better soon. I have noticed this winter that my chest feels tight a lot and I have had a few asthma problems. I am in California, but I get very cold when it is 70 outside. Crazy I know!




Went through much the same thing last may. Had a bronchoscopy and afterward developed pneumonia--some exotic bacteria. Thought the pneumonia shot was a bust. But was informed it was for pneumococcus. Felt scared and terrible and didn't sleep for 3 days.

Was in hospital 2 days and then home health for 3 weeks. Weak and short of breath and tired at home for the first week. Had two subsequent bronchs for bacterial infections and sever SOB. Doc gave me lotta oral antibiotics. And, a trip to Seattle (10/13), where there's very nice cool humidity, cleared my lungs up. Go figure!?

Hope you get through this. Try to do as much exercise as possible. Not moving very much can make the lungs susceptable to another bacterial infection. Did your doc prescribe a nebulizer and some inhalers?

Wow. I hope you feel better. I know exactly what your going through.

You go to hold on!



I hope you are feeling better. Indiana is going through the same weather fluctuations. There is a sinus infectious bug going around, and I am very surprised I haven't caught it. The changes in the weather hit me pretty hard, and increase my fatigue. Take care of yourself and get the rest you need. I've never had the shot, but I did have pneumonia and it was the worst. Hope you feel much better soon.



I get pneumonia often. I think, if once your lungs have been compromised, pneumonia follows. I too, had the shot for pneumonia a few years back. I’m on oxygen now. Oxygen helped me with my severe chest pain. I l ow how you feel with horrible chest pain. I still fear I’m having a heart attack. I don’t think I would know the difference. But oxygen does help some people.