Lupus and HCG diet

I was 70 lbs over weight high blood pressure borderline diabetes I felt bad so figured I needed to lose weight and having thyroid problem can’t lose weight so easily, so went to weight-loss center and started HCG with antioxidants and B-12 shots once a week I felt great they put me on 1400 cal diet. After I lost half my weight I was set to 1200 cal a day. My blood pressure went down to normal my blood test at home was in the 90,s. I had no pain in my joints. I spent 8 months gaining small amounts back. But started feeling very tired. Went to Dr for physical and that’s when they stared looking at lupus. My white blood cells were very low. I’m taking lupus meds now and giving thoughts of going back to HCG.what do you think?

Hi, Linda. I don’t know about HCG, but if your doctor sees no conflict with this and your Lupus meds, it should presumably be ok. I would definitely check with them to be sure.

Thank you for your input I don’t like saying things about this to my primary Dr because the old HCG diet was 500 cal a day the new one is just under 1000th cal a day. I’m going to try it and see if I get a flair I’ll know it’s not good. I’d rather keep my weight down and feel good than sit in my chair and get old and die

Hi Linda,

I am overweight as well and miserable; I do know intuitively that my Lupus is much more pronounced because of this its common sense. I used to run half marathons and remember feeling exhilarated and want that back. I don't know about HCG and would love to hear more about it. You can't go wrong following Weight Watchers or a sensible diet. Being alkaline aware is a fundamental concept for me, the less acidic our bodies are the better we feel and for me better moods and more energized. I always take "Greens" to supplement my diet...I buy wheat grass; the brand that I like is called "Healthforce Greener Grasses". I am new to understanding my auto immune disorder so double check what I am sharing.

10-listofalkalinefoods.pdf (224 KB)