Lupus and being transgender...?

I’ve had lupus for about 7 years and have been going through hormone replacement therapy for 4ish years. (oh and I’ve never gone into remission.) I have not been able to find anyone who can tell me if/how this is going to affect ME… To better explain, I’m a transgender male which means I’m going from female to male. Anyways, something that has always been a worry in the back of my mind is having surgery. I do plan to get a full mastectomy as well as a full hysterectomy but of course, have no idea how those surgeries will affect me. Will not having those systems help with the lupus flare? Will it make everything so much worse? I already severely struggle with dysphoria because of this disease being more common in women.
And to give you a bit of an age timeline, was diagnosed officially with lupus in November 2015 and I turn 26 in March.

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Hey @LilMaxim welcome to the site!

It’s great that you found us, though never a good thing that anyone needs to. I think you’re in quite a rare situation, so it may be that no-one can answer your question just yet. I’ll see if one of our other ModSupport people has any thoughts they could share with you.

It’s really great to have you on board (and I apologize for missing your post for so many days; I’ve been for a little trip to hospital myself this week). Welcome!


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I appreciate someone getting back to me. After seeing the lack of activity on this website, I thought it might be inactive.

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Here’s my two cents. It’s common knowledge that a lot of autoimmune conditions are more common in women than men, meaning that there’s a hormonal influence. My thought is that while you may have a flare post surgery, I’m guessing that overall you may be in better shape post recovery.

There ARE men with lupus, it’s just more common in women. You definitely are not alone as a man living with lupus.

Sharon from ModSupport