Low platlets

i went to go see my R to day and i keep on losing wight has anyone going throw this lost 4 pouds from my last doctor visit

sounds like you are in flare...so losing weight is often normal. If you run on thin side or right now are average...where if losing weight can become problematic than i suggest eating those shakes for elderly to gain weight. That is what Doctor had my brother do ...he was very thin so if he lost weight at all while sick he looked bad plus was much harder on his body.

I have always been not as thin as i was in high school but about 20lbs above that and my doctors said i was perfect for times i got sick...had something of edge there when i did not feel like eating much etc...just lose weight often when flaring etc.

i am sorry that you are having such a hard time and hope your doctor can assist you...sometimes it just takes resting..and i mean literally just reading, small walks at most, eating as well as you can..lots of fresh organic veggies, fruits and meat/fish if you eat it. Remember if you do go vegetarian really read some reputable books on how to get complete proteins or drink the shakes. Right now is not time to be low on your B's ..so eat well.

wish you best of luck...been hoping you were doing better...i wish you had got in sooner...maybe you have...i recently had one of my dogs get sick and die..so been not online much. apologize if not up to date...good luck on visit..take good care of yourself!

how long do the flare last up to and would i be able to but my wight back on

I lost weight when my platelets was very low, my platelets went to 25 and now I'm regular and I lost 10lbs and now I'm slow since my platelets is back to normal I may loose 1lb or 2 here and there. It should get better for you. Are they treating it with prednisone?


yes but the prednisone is not working for me at all i take 2 pill i thought prednisone help u but wight how long can this flare be for i got sick i was 167 now 135

Hello Andre,

Platelet levels being low can make you lose weight...Lupus itself can make you lose weight also and that's a fare bit of weight you've lost there...a normal flare can last from a couple of days up to 2wks but if it reaches up to 6wks then your into a chronic flare where more help is needed off your rheumo.

As your rheumo or GP got any concerns about this?

Terri xx