Life With Lupus

Looking for new doctors close to Douglas, WY

My family and I are soon relocating close to Douglas, WY. I need several new specialists- I have 13 now. But my focus is on a lupus doctor that is understanding as well as a vascular surgeon that will actually perform a first rib resection. I have heard that Denver, Colorado is thee best but anyone have personal experience??? My new insurance kicks in end of August to first of September so I’d love to find the vascular surgeons asap. God bless!

Hello Deanna,

I've saw that no one had answered your thread so i've been looking for you on the area you want and i hope the links help.



Denna for the TOS you can look for a thoracic surgeon too. That is the type of doctor that did my rib resections. Good luck my friend!

Hi Deanna,

Did you manage to get a Doctor in the area your moving to?