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Licorice root.. A pleasent surprise


Hi fellow lupies.
Well I wanted to share something with you all. Something that I started trying from the past few weeks and it worked! Yes, it really really worked.
From the past 5 months I have been in terrible flare, I barely could move out of the bed to eat. So I started browsing alternative therapies, something natural. I stumbled across licorice root. It has many antiinflammatory qualities and is given to people with rheumatoid arthritis or people with autoimmune disease. But there was a list of side effects as well. So I contacted a doctor who specialise in ayurvedic medicine. To be more sure I went to a unani medicine practitioner (ayurveda and unani both are branches of medicine that deals with natural remedies and herbs).
When I was convinced, I started taking licorice. I would soak a fragment of licorice root (not more than 3gm) in hot water overnight, and in the morning would make tea out of it to mask its strong flavor. Its extremely sweet so no need to add sugar.
To my surprise, within next 3 days the sores of my mouth started disappearing. After the fifth day my energy skyrocked (well for me having that much energy is almost being closed to normal). I wasn’t able to get out of the bed before and after a week I started working out. I am climbing 200 stairs, 90 crunches, 30 pushups and 2 km walk a day now!!
The only thing that need to be taken care of is the dose should not exceed 3gm a day, and you can not take it for long stretch. You have to take it for 15 days then stop for next 15 days. And keep the cycle going on. You can take it with all you other medications.
The only disappointing thing is as you stop taking it, the symptoms crawl back (but yes much slowly).
One important thing, people with high blood pressure should not use it as it tends to raise the bp a lil for the first few days.
I am using it and it really gave me the old myself back (almost old myself).
I hope this would help you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Stay strong, chin up. :slight_smile:


Hi and Thanks so much for this.

Last week decided like you to look for some alternative remedies, as wish to reduce steroid , which seems like BIG prob. Was on 2 times 5 mgs a day for 2 months and have been lowering slowly and carefully since. Still find I have to put a bit more in, so like got down to 6 mgs a day then 5 mgs every other day, but then symptoms start creeping back so go back to the 6 mgs.

Also found through regenerative nutrition what is called ADRENAL BOOST which is also liquorice root and Vit c 300 mgs of liquorice extract Just started today on 2 tablets daily which is maintence dose also they suggest intensive use 2-3 capsules 3 times daily which would clock in at 2.7grams. will follow your advice as above and maybe just order some plain root. So here I go , THANKS SO MUCH will get back in a couple of weeks and tell you how it goes. JUST anything to help when it gets a bit out of hand.

by the by was called in to see a locum doc yesterday, 30 mins of basically being told Lupus does not exist, as though have lots of blood tests showing a likely hood of autoimmune probs plus the physical internal/ exeternal larks, I do not come out positive with the pacific Lupus test!!!!! Theeefore GUESS WHAT == I'M a mental nutcase yet again inspite of having 2 rheumy diagnosis as mixed connective tissue disease!!!!!!! Really truly it can be such uphill work with people that are not open to things that don't fit the normal pattern. Love to all P


Licorice root not very brilliant, made little difference.

Co q 10 also recommended= find this really good for energy, cheap user friendly, buy good quality naturally produced( not synthetic) Good luck


hey philomela,

hope you are doing better each day. well licorice root was a pleasant change for me as well, but i realized in the longer run its not helping much either. the search continues. i am so glad you wrote about it. oh, btw even one of my doctors refused to diagnose me with SLE,. according to him i needed a psychiatrist. haha. but only we know what we go through everyday. so stay strong. my prayers are with you.
philomela said:

Licorice root not very brilliant, made little difference.

Co q 10 also recommended= find this really good for energy, cheap user friendly, buy good quality naturally produced( not synthetic) Good luck