Letter from Dr. to patients with Chronic Disease

I was forwarded this letter from someone else, so I cannot give you the original source, but when I read this letter, it just made so much sense to me. I hope it gives you some sort of knowledge and/or comfort, too.

Link @ : http://more-distractible.org/2010/07/14/a-letter-to-patients-with-chronic-disease/

Great read!

John, thank you for this post. It is a comfort to read, as I have butted heads with several God complex card carrying doctors.

One even told me I was too complicated and would not take me as a patient. He had been recommended to me by another doctor who I worked with very well, and knew him personally. I felt that was wrong, got insulted, then realized later he was being honest with me about his limitations and did not feel he could help me, but instead of stating it that way, threw the "blame" onto me.. So, not a good fit, and he saw it from the intro visit.

People often don't realize doctors work for them. You can see who you want, but without mutual trust and respect, quality care isn't happening. I applaud this doctor for his honesty, and helping people to understand he is human just like them. Wish more took this attitude.

thanks for the gentle kick to my backside. been feeling discouraged and a bit burned. Will take a step back and maybe look at this all a bit differently.

That was great. I have been trying to decide if I should stay with my PCP, who is very nice and I have a great rapport with, but who only works 4 days/week; or if I should strike out and find a new one. This post helped me decide that for now, I should hang on to that mutual respect and several year relationship. She's been with me since I started having mysterious breathing problems over 2 years ago, and has always taken me seriously. I'm so glad I read this, and thank you for sharing it!

Thank you does not even remotely express my gratitude at this doctor letting it all hang out about a Doctor's fallability and their frustrations at dealing with those of us that will be ill until we die. There is no cure for Lupus. No cure at all. Those of us that have dealt with every scenario in doctor/patient relationship know exactly what this incredible man has stated. Thanks to him for acknowledging to us so candidly, so that at least we don't have to feel responsible for your failings. We already feel so guilty and responsible for our own body's failures.

Thank you so much for sharing this! What a great read! Now, I wonder... how does one get an appointment with Dr.Rob? He sounds wonderful...

Wow, this is great! Thanks for sharing it with us.

This is fabulous! It was so honestly written it made me cry ( in a good way)!

Thanks so much for sharing this. I am printing it so I can take it with me. I do try to let my doctors know how much I appreciate them, as I feel I have the number one team in the universe. The one I think gets most scared is my Primary Care doc and I can understand now.

This letter touches home for most of the hidden disease pts. I know how frustrating it must be for the drs that really want to help us and can’t, but, God bless those drs that keep trying for us. Our lives depend on you. We would be dead without you and although some of us just get irritated,annoying,And human towards some drs. It’s just because inside we are hurting more than you can imagine And cry inside when there are no answers. Thank you so much